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Prohibited foods with diet

Prohibited foods with a diet.

Trans fats or, in another way, hydrogenated vegetable oils. In this case, the recommendation can only beOne, buying products, you need to choose manufacturers who have proven themselves well. Very often on the labels write that trans fats are not present, but in fact, these are part of the product.

It is necessary to avoid saturated fats, since they are practically not prone to decay, in connection with which they settle in our body in the form of excess fat.

Corn fructose. This component was made as a replacementNormal sugar, but this is not a good option for replacement. Corn fructose contributes to the deposition of fat, especially fat deposits often accumulate in the abdomen.

Sweeteners, which were induced artificially. According to the recommendations of nutritionists,Opportunities, do not eat such sweeteners, because they activate the need for sugar in the body, as a result, we absorb it even more than before. Therefore, with a diet, these products will only harm.

Flour. There are practically no nutrients in it, alsoIn the flour very little fiber. It does not contribute to an effective digestion process and does not allow the products to be transformed into energy, which leads to new fat deposits.

Salt. Table salt does not contain any energyValue, but inhibits the decomposition of fat. Water from our body is excreted in small quantities, which causes a swelling, and the process of losing weight is inhibited.

Starch. All of your weight loss efforts can be reduced toZero due to products such as potatoes and white rice. Potatoes and rice are not saturated enough with nutritious and useful elements, as a result of which the feeling of hunger comes much faster. It is better to remove these foods from your diet with a diet.

Sugar. It promotes fat deposits in tissues, soAs our body is not easy to split it. Avoid sweet foods, in which sugar is used as a preservative. For example: jams, fruit juices, jams, various energy drinks. As a rule, in such products, sugar is contained in a high concentration.

Mayonnaise. Salad lovers add a small amountMayonnaise, but here you should pay attention to the fact that even a small amount of it increases the energy value of the dish almost twice! For dressing salads, it is better to choose low-calorie mayonnaise or, alternatively, to fill the dish with vegetable oil.

Different kinds of white sauces. They often contain in their composition suchIngredients: starch, flour, sugar, cream. From the above it can be understood that all these components of the sauce can not help you in reducing weight. These are forbidden foods when carrying out a diet, so, whenever possible, avoid eating such sauces.

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