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Benefits of a Turkish bath

In Turkish baths not only cleanse the body, but alsoThey are reunited. In a sense, Turkish baths are an oasis of democracy, where there is no difference in beauty and attractiveness, between social layers, age groups ... The familiar hierarchy remains outside the walls of the hammam, which can be visited by anyone and whenever. In earlier times, ladies could do it.

Representatives of the fairer sex visited the hammamSeparately from men. And there they not only washed themselves. In the baths, in the pleasant, beautiful atmosphere of comfort and healing heat, soft light, the ladies enjoyed the procedures that preserved health, beauty, showed the best dresses, drank fragrant teas or coffee with friends, shared women's secrets and discussed men. An Eastern woman was entitled to a divorce, if her husband prevented her from visiting the hammam.

The popularity of eastern hammams in the world is increasing every year. In our country, also appreciated the healing properties of the eastern baths, their luxury and amazing atmosphere.

Hammam treatments

The "full program" of visiting the hammam includes several pleasant procedures.

First, you must go through the procedureWarming up the body. In the Turkish bath there is no place for fuss and haste, all procedures must be thoroughly and leisurely. While visiting the hammam you need to completely forget your problems and relax, enjoying the steam and a unique oriental atmosphere. Aromatic vapor of hammam promotes the opening of the pores of the skin, improving the work of the heart and blood vessels, relaxing the muscles, effectively getting rid of toxins and toxins.

After the body warms up, it's the turn of the massage,Second procedure hammam. During the massage session, a manual peeling with the use of mittens made of goat hair and soap made by hand is performed. This soap is black. It is prepared using black olives and other natural ingredients, including olive and argan oil, eucalyptus. Therefore, soap has amazing nutritional and cleansing abilities.

The composition of argan oil includes many useful elements, its texture, low-fat and delicate, prevents aging of the skin and does not cause allergies.

Gauntlets have a rough surface. They rub the body for a long time and thoroughly, especially the feet, knees, elbows. The face is massaged with mittens more gently, which allows you to get rid of dead cells of the epithelium and give the skin freshness and health. After the vigorous massage is over, the body needs to be rinsed well to massage, only now gently and gently, using oils.

After this, the wrapping procedure beginsWith the use of oils, natural essences, sea salt, clay. And as a final procedure, the body needs to be immersed in cool water so that the pores of saturated skin close.

Benefits of the Bath

It is not recommended to visit Turkish baths withWhose skin is inflamed. And for the rest, even those who have dry or sensitive skin, the oriental bath fits perfectly. Steam moisturizes dry skin, perfectly cleanses the sensitive, normalizes the production of sebum with oily skin and eliminates comedones. People with hair problems and couperose can also be, and even need, to visit the eastern hammams. Pleasant and healing steam does not overdo the scalp, but normalizes blood circulation.

Cosmeticians are advised to visit the hammam more often, recommending oriental procedures as the most effective way to cleanse the skin of the body. Therefore, ladies love to visit Turkish baths.

Turkish baths have an excellent effect on the body. The action of the steam clears from toxins and slags, relieves fatigue, normalizes the digestive system of the body, lungs. The popularity of the Turkish bath is high in medicine. Visiting the bath helps quickly cure for colds, ARD, relieves asthma attacks, relieves alcohol dependence.

Prevention of diseases in the eastern hamam

There is a benefit from the Turkish bath and for preventionVarious diseases. It is safe to say that those who regularly visit the hammam will never face the problems of rheumatism, cardiac and vascular diseases, ailments of the musculoskeletal system. They are not threatened with colds and depressions. Visiting the eastern baths helps restore breathing, the appearance of spiritual balance and harmony, a sense of ease. People get cheerful, sleep comes to normal. Hammam procedures contribute to the normalization of weight, but it is also necessary to eat right. Many modern salons offer rejuvenating and restorative procedures for oriental baths.

Baths contribute to weight loss, but fatDeposits only from visiting baths do not disappear. The sauna promotes intense sweating, so you can lose weight in weight to a kilogram or two, but then they tend to come back.

The main thing when visiting a bath is thatSteam helps to activate metabolic processes and fight stagnant processes in the body. Steam helps in eliminating cellulite and stimulates the flow of lymph.

Contra-indications for visiting Turkish baths

To visit the hammam there are a number ofContraindications. They are not recommended to visit those who are sick with cataracts, people with diseases of blood vessels and heart. Do not go to the bath hypertensive patients, those who have suffered a stroke, a heart attack and who suffer from inflammation of the kidneys, thyroid. Visiting the bath is strictly forbidden to people with varicose veins.

Summarizing, once again I want to recall thatTurkish baths (hammams) are popular today in all countries of the world. To go for a steam bath in this oriental bath is possible in many resort towns, having felt all the charm of an unforgettable atmosphere of the East.

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