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The healing and magical properties of quartz

Quartz has a relatively high strength,Which made it possible to make from it as various inserts in jewelry, and to create from it and large enough products, for example, vases, ashtrays, bowls and so on. Often quartz is used in watchmaking and glass industry.

The healing and magical properties of quartz

Healing properties. Quartz influences the frontal and parietalChakras. The properties of quartz are unique - it is considered that if a filter is made from quartz to purify drinking water, it will bring the greatest benefit. Also, folk healers give recommendations: water, which is infused with quartz, is used for cosmetic purposes. Quartz water can rejuvenate the skin - washing in the evening before going to sleep quartz water, it increases its beauty and elasticity, tones and refreshes, eliminates acne and acne. Baths with water, infused on the mineral, rejuvenate the skin of the hands. The healing properties do not end there - jewelry made of stone, very beneficial effect on the respiratory system and greatly facilitate the course of colds.

Magical properties. Recalling the magical properties of quartz, it is necessaryTo say that in olden times it was believed that it was through quartz that divine fire came to us on earth, because of the stone made lenses and crystal balls, through which later sacrificial lights were lit in the temples. With the help of quartz crystals, the priests predicted the future and could learn the past. It has long been believed that rock crystal and all other types of quartz - this is the astral skin of our planet, and the crystals themselves are some information recording devices that for a long time retain all the signals sent to us by the universe.

Modern knowledgeable people say that quartz isA mineral of illusions, and therefore use its power for magical purposes should only experienced fortune tellers, magicians, psychics. If an ordinary man turns to the magical properties of a stone, then the stone can easily confuse it, give it away as desired. Folk healers believe that the mineral can even drive mad, showing a variety of pictures of the future, which is only in the imagination of man.

Wearing quartz as an ornament, people receive fromIt is of much use. Mineral makes bright and metaphorical speech, strengthens memory, expands thought processes and makes them active, develops imagination.

Astrologers say that the mineral is excellentSuitable for those born under the sign of Libra and Scorpio. An indispensable assistant, he will be Aquarius. Other signs of the zodiac are recommended to wear it in the form of a crystal with you, and not in decorating yourself. Gemini and Virgo wear quartz completely contraindicated.

Amulets and talismans. The quartz, set in silver, is magnificentamulet. It is in combination with silver that he is ready to bring to your life success, true love, material and monetary benefits. If a person needs a mystical help, for example, a guardian angel, then in this case you need to insert a crystal of quartz into a cross from silver or platinum. A wearing cross with a mineral helps to establish a subtle connection between the higher being and man and becomes between them a mediator-intermediary.

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