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Correct breakfast according to the zodiac sign

Astrologers claim that every person in theDepending on the sign of the zodiac and, accordingly, the elements representing it, has not only its own horoscope, but also its own specific metabolism. What does it mean? Very simple. Now, to create your own personal nutrition system, you do not need to look at a dietary week horoscope, because all these parameters are laid in you by stars from the very beginning.

So, which, for example, the sign of the zodiacWas this breakfast recommended? Science says that it is shown for air signs - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They need it in the morning in tight reinforcement, and they can give the dinner, as it should, to others. In extreme cases, if the hunger is too unbearable, replace the dinner with a light salad or a glass of kefir.

The breakfast is shown also to the signs of the Earth - their elementsIs a symbol of stability, but how can you stand firmly on your feet on an empty stomach? They need not only to have breakfast, but also to have dinner and even dinner. And it is desirable that the load on the body was stable, that is, breakfast was similar to dinner, and dinner for dinner. In a word, according to the horoscope, the basis of proper nutrition for such signs as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn is uniformity and once again uniformity.

The right breakfast for the signs of Fire (Sagittarius,Leo, Aries) is the absence of breakfast. The fact is that the morning absorption of food extinguishes their internal fire, while the internal energy, instead of being used for good deeds, is directed solely at the digestion of food. They recommend to drink horoscopes in the morning a cup of coffee, tea, juice - in short, what you like and what makes you more invigorating. You can also eat, for example, a sandwich with fish. But at lunch you should always fill up everything that you did not get enough for breakfast - eat tightly, but eat, slowly, chew everything.

A difficult case with representatives of signs of the elementsWater. Cancers, Scorpions and Pisces need to be drunk early in the morning, and only a 10 -11 hour has a light breakfast. Breakfast on the sign of the element of Water should be in the form of yogurt or vegetable salad. They do not need a large dinner, just one soup. But for dinner there are separate requirements. It should not be hot and liquid, because for representatives of these signs it is very important to collect and remove excess moisture from the body.

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