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A short complex of exercises for the spine

Of course, everyone knows that a sick back reducesEfficiency and mood. But we continue to suffer tingling, crunching and creaking, considering them, apparently, an integral part of our full injustices of life. But it is not necessary to put up with this. If you are tired of suffering, read the advice of specialists and begin to act.

The back is responsible for the expression of feelings. Problems arise when we are unable to demonstrate emotions in response to external stimuli or do not allow ourselves to express them. Typically, this happens during stress, which is enough in life (lack of understanding of relatives, rudeness of others, crush in the subway). It is important to feel the spine as something strong, but at the same time mobile. If it is too cruel, we can not be flexible in situations that require it (for example, if you need to compromise). Excessively malleable and soft spine under stress does not allow us to maintain the necessary firmness. Pain causes muscle contractions that occur when a person does not allow himself to express aggression. It is useful to admit that you are angry, say this. One of the best socially approved ways of expressing negative emotions is sport.

In order not to cause excessive muscle tension, notThrow your foot on the leg. If circumstances permit, divorce your knees - this will help relax the muscles, avoid pain in the lower back. Start from the starting position: the feet stand parallel at a distance of about 20 centimeters from each other, the knees are slightly bent, the body weight is shifted forward, the back is straight. Bend your elbows, spread them to the sides and lift them to the level of your shoulders. This will stretch the upper part of the hands. Sharply push your elbows backward, pulling your shoulder blades together, and say: "Get off!" Or "Get off your back!" Repeat this action several times, putting a feeling of anger into words.

Put the brush on the back of the head, intertwine your fingers. Press down with your hands so that your head bends as low as possible. The knees remain slightly bent, the back is straight, but not stiff. Body weight slightly forward. Breathe deeply.

Back pain, not associated with organicDisorders, are often secondary and are associated with diseases of internal organs. So, problems with the liver and gallbladder often cause pain in the thoracic spine, the intestine can provoke chronic pain in the lumbosacral region. A reliable way to solve such problems is the diagnosis and treatment of affected organs. Homeopathy uses for this purpose natural substances of animal and vegetable origin, minerals, of which preparations are prepared in a special way, which do not have adverse reactions and harmful effects on the body. Separately it is necessary to tell about interrelation of pains in the lower back and dysfunctions of female organs.

Here homeopathy is practically indispensable, itSuccessfully copes with such ailments without the use of antibiotics, hormonal drugs and potent analgesics, the use of which can lead to irreversible consequences. A complex combination of homeopathy with manual therapy allows you to eliminate the vast majority of the causes of pain.

Pain is an alarm. To eliminate pain syndrome, you need to know its source. The insidiousness of osteochondrosis, scoliosis, arthritis is that they do not manifest immediately, but can "live" in the human body from the very childhood and strike at the moment when it least expects - if the immunity is broken and the health reserve is significantly reduced.

Osteochondrosis is the most common diseaseThe spine. As a result, discs and intervertebral joints are erased, it irritates the nerve structures, which leads to severe pain. To cope with them helps reflexotherapy, physiotherapy, massage, physiotherapy exercises, fractional therapy (spinal traction).

The spine is our inner core. With this thought, we need to start thinking about the nature of the pain in the back. How do you feel about people, about the world, about yourself? How honest is with you, can you keep a promise, can you be trusted? Ancient yogis believed that the disease does not fall on us from nowhere. It is formed first in the mental and astral bodies. And then, without accessing the mind and heart, ignored by the hints of intuition, the sore manifests itself on the physical plane.

If the back pain is sharp, shooting character,Often giving in the arm or in the leg, there is a possibility of intervertebral hernia - you need to see a doctor. If we are talking about a simple functional scoliosis, a slight curvature, which is a consequence of our beloved (hopefully in the past) sedentary lifestyle, it is necessary to eliminate the consequences - to strengthen the muscular corset, to compensate the curvature of the inner core by the flexibility and tone of the back muscles.

Have to sit in the same pose for a long time? Stand up, put your feet to the width of your shoulders so that the feet are parallel to each other, and raise your hands through the sides up. Cross your fingers, twist the brush and stretch out well. Take the right hand with your left wrist and bend to the right side, pulling the left side of the body. Remain in this position five breaths and exhalations. Breathe in this deeply and calmly, slightly extending the breaths and exhalations. Repeat the exercise the other way.

Your school physical education teachers called itExercise "cat". The starting position is "on all fours", the palms are exactly under the shoulder joints, the hips are perpendicular to the floor, the knees are shoulder widths, the toes are on the fingers. With an inspiration, rot in the back, pulling up the coccyx and chin, with an exhalation rounded the back, pulling in the coccyx and dropping his head down. Breathing is slow and calm. Do this exercise every day in the morning for at least three minutes.

Do exercise, this will strengthen the muscles of the back and abdominals, supporting the spine.

Remember that nicotine and alcohol reduce protectiveStrength of the body. Exclude hypothermia, stay in dampness and drafts. Control weight, so as not to increase the burden on the spine. Attend a sauna or a sauna, this is an excellent natural way of self-cleaning the body, improving the metabolism and functions of the spine. Every three months, a 7-10-day course of back massage is performed. And remember once and for all, the implementation of a brief set of exercises for the spine to be engaged constantly, only in this case will be seen the effect.

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