/ How to eat to lose weight and look younger?

How to eat to lose weight and look younger?

Eat lunch - and no more crumbs until the morning! In the first couple of weeks the weight will really go away, but then the tired body will refuse to lose weight. That's why you should choose another method of parting with extra pounds. Absence of supper - stress for the body. Lacking in the evening a portion of energy, he eventually begins to demand sweet and fat - as the fastest and simplest sources of energy. So the victim of the system "does not eat after 18:00" breaks down, goes into a messy food and collects with such difficulty the lost kilograms.

Aspiration is only in the morning and "the day goes against theNormal needs of the body. Vitamins, trace elements and nutrients, different and many, are needed throughout the day. For two meals it is impossible to cover these needs. The constant shortage of energy and nutrients leads to fatigue, stress and pulls a lot of health problems.

Filling themselves in the food regime "onlyBreakfast and lunch ", we will unconsciously strive to compensate for the lack of dinner. As a result, the first, second, compote, dessert and tea with buns are eaten. In one sitting. Moreover - some products simply do not combine with each other. It turns out, like, like ate, but the necessary vitamins are not digested. In addition, because of the increase in the amount of food stretches the stomach, there is discomfort, heaviness, inflammations and gastritis may appear. Therefore, most experts advocate fractional meals in small portions 3-5 times a day.

Prolonged breaks between mealsContradict the natural rhythms of the body, harm the work of the liver and gallbladder. The body produces digestive enzymes and gastric juice continuously and with a certain periodicity. The main call to what would be good to eat is a natural feeling of hunger, which normally appears 3-4 hours after you have eaten. And not once a day, but at least three.

French experts came to the conclusion thatPermanent prolonged (more than 12 hours) abstinence from food reduces the effect of obesity treatment by 80%. That the metabolism does not slow down, it is necessary to eat correctly and it should be maintained - small portions of food throughout the day, and not just the first half. Lack of dinner - like a signal "danger", in which he goes into an emergency economy and does not want to part with precious supplies of fat.

Lose weight under the motto "Supper - No!"Occurs basically not at the expense of fat (as we want), but due to exhaustion of muscle mass (the harsh truth of life). The results of the research indicate that those who ate supper with lean protein in combination with vegetables successfully lost weight, due to the loss of fat. Those who did not eat in the evening, lost weight more slowly and mainly due to muscles. After all the organism is arranged so - at reduction of power value it extends behind the stocks and the first thing for some reason behind the protein. Fat goes to the expense last. If all the necessary supplies are regularly in the right amount, excess fat dissolves successfully.

And finally - the theory that in the evening we do notWe need energy, it has no basis. Losing weight in case of refusal of supper is ensured only by the fact that the total energy value of the ration is automatically cut in this way and nothing else.

With the same success, you can gradually reduceVolume and energy value of each meal, including dinner, and learn how to eat to lose weight and look younger. Therefore, experts put the question not when there is, but what and in what quantities. After all, the metabolic processes go and the calories are released both during running and during sleep. Just to run, energy needs more than to sleep. Therefore breakfast can be denser, and dinner - easier. But it should be.

All written does not mean that nowIt is possible with a clear conscience to come home in the evening and crush a double portion of French fries with chops. Such a dinner and, it is true, it is better to give to the enemy. The body begins to prepare for the well-deserved night's sleep in the evening - it would have something easy to calm the hunger and calmly rest. If you stuff your stomach to the bone, then you have to digest it all. So there is a feeling of heaviness, nausea, sleep is disturbed, over time, excess weight accumulates.

By the way, often too dense dinners -The reason for the reluctance to eat breakfast to lose weight. Therefore, in the evening, do not starve yourself, but prefer something light, in small quantities and eat for a couple of hours before you go to bed. The best options are vegetables in any form, solo or in combination with an egg, a small piece of low-fat meat or fish. Also good are cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt - they are rich in calcium, and it is digested at night.

It is also possible to have a snack on the dream to come -For example, have dinner (again, without excesses) at 5-6 pm, and before going to bed drink a glass of yogurt, milk, eat a little cottage cheese or a savory fruit. By the way, that in the evening there was no desire to swallow an elephant, during the day it is necessary to systematize the food, eat a little, but fully. You will not suffer from any severity in the stomach, nor from a feeling of hunger. In the morning wake up cheerful, rested and with a healthy appetite for a good breakfast, which, as you know, sets the beginning of the day. But about this - somehow another time.

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