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Overweight during pregnancy and after childbirth

As shown by a recent study, there is a risk of a baby overweight, even with an allowable weight gain during pregnancy.

Harvard Medical School (Harvard MedicalSchool) conducted a study. It was attended by women who, during pregnancy, added the recommended weight and slightly added weight during pregnancy. It turned out that in women in labor with a large excess weight, the risk of having a child four times increased, which by three years will itself suffer from excess weight.

Standard weighing procedure for eachAnte-natal examination by a doctor causes anxiety in many women. Recently, we began to rely on the information on body mass index tests, which are performed at the beginning and at the end of pregnancy.

Weight gain in pregnant women is different. But it is advisable not to gain more than 10 - 12 kilograms. Excess body weight can affect the health of not only the woman, but also the baby, in particular, the blood pressure rises.

In any case, weight gain will occur,Regardless of whether the future mother allows herself excess or not. The organism is being reconstructed, here are the simplest calculations: the muscular tissue of the uterus cavity is rapidly growing - plus 1 kg; The volume of blood increases - plus 1, 2 kg; The placenta weighs 0, 6 kg; Mammary glands - we will add 0, 4 kg; Amniotic fluid - another 2, 6 kg; As well as fat deposits, accumulated by the body for the future of breastfeeding, - still add 2, 5 kg. At the same time, it is undesirable to increase the number of products, since the need to eat for two is just a myth.

Do not forget about a child whose weight inThe average of 3, 3 kg. Total, during pregnancy, a woman adds up to 11.5 kg. The number of added kilograms depends directly on the weight of the parturient mother before pregnancy, as well as on her body mass index.

British doctors, as well as their American counterpartsAre convinced that women who before pregnancy had a high body mass index (IMI) should closely monitor the weight, and if possible restrict themselves to eating. "There is no evidence that would confirm that breastfeeding justifies a significant increase in weight during pregnancy. Absolutely no need to gain extra pounds. And during pregnancy it is possible to maintain an acceptable, normal weight, and the ability to breast-feed is not related to it. Studies show that if you feed your baby with breast milk for at least six months, then this is an effective way to lose weight, "experts say.

The daily calorie rate that the expectant mother consumes should not exceed 2000. During the period of breastfeeding this amount of calories can be increased by only 500 or 750.

When breastfeeding, women are less activeA way of life, so often there is a feeling of hunger, it also makes nursing mothers eat a lot. This is a problem, because of which many women can not lose excess weight, recruited for pregnancy.

Weight after birth: how to lose the extra pounds gained during pregnancy.

Here and on the Internet forums dedicated toPregnancy and maternity, the most popular are the themes of an irresistible craving for different foods and ways to get rid of excess weight. Experts advise to follow a certain diet during pregnancy and not to worry because of the weight gain, because if the efforts made are in vain, it will only alarm the future mother, and, of course, will not improve her health in any way. Do not expect a quick result in getting rid of the typed excess weight and returning to normal in a few weeks, since the weight was gained for nine months. Still the best and most effective means of losing weight after the birth of a baby are healthy healthy nutrition and easy fitness.

With a slight increase in weight during the periodPregnancy, not exceeding the norm, a woman will be able to restore the form within the next eight months after the birth of the child. In case the gained weight is much higher than the norm, getting rid of it will not be so easy. Breastfeeding sometimes helps to lose weight if it has been carried out for at least six months, otherwise there will be no effect. In a normal state, the breast of a nursing mother returns only after weaning the baby from the breast.

However, in the most efficient and fastest wayTo lose weight after the birth of a child are fitness classes. When combined with a healthy diet, fitness does not affect the quality and quantity of breast milk, but it speeds up the process of losing weight, and helps to avoid postpartum depression.

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