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Advice of doctors how to live a long and healthy life

1. Rejection of bad habits

The allegation of the harmful effects of smoking onHealth is not a whim of some bureaucrats. Refusing to smoke and excessive alcoholic libations, you can significantly prolong life - this is proven. And the money saved in old age will be able to afford something much more interesting than going to the nearest pub!

2. Good toRed wine

Experts have long argued that a reasonableThe use of red wine (100-200 ml per day) is beneficial for the heart and for the operation of the entire vascular system as a whole. Of course, if you do not have a relationship and you are able to stop after the first glass.

3. Fighting obesity

Even a little overweight can approximateYou to chronic diseases in old age. They are associated not only with reduced mobility, but also with general health. Sedimentation of excess fat negatively affects the blood vessels and increases the risk of developing diabetes. Also, completeness leads to problems with the vessels in the legs, causes thrombosis.

4. Sports, Sports, Sports

Do not forget about the sport. Physical activity (not professional sports, but any regular exercise) is one of the main things that make up a long and healthy life. It helps to maintain healthy both body and spirit. Exercise is especially important for people of old age - in the morning running, in the afternoon gym, in the evening - swimming pool. You have to get used to that, in the long run, life is movement.

5. Mental activity

This is no less important for health than physicalexercises. Studies show that people who are engaged in mental activity last longer retain clarity of thought, have an excellent memory and with interest live each new day. Much more quickly fall into a state of senile dementia, those who in their lives did nothing more serious than watching television programs.

6. Creative activity

This is good for health, because creativityStimulates the brain. Scientists have proved that in the period of creative activity, a person in the brain has millions of different reactions, that is, the activity rises tenfold. Elderly, creativity is even more necessary for health, physical education, than at a younger age.

7. Humor

Scientifically proven that laughter is capable of realProlong life. Laughter helps fight obesity, cardiovascular diseases and improves blood circulation. In addition, during the period of fun, the body produces a hormone of joy that can positively influence the work of all organs and systems.

8. Regular sex

According to scientists, sex acts rejuvenating onThe body and can fight the aging process. They are also replicated by specialists from other countries. Sex is really capable of surprisingly affecting people. The main thing is that it should bring pleasure and be regular.

9. Early Marriages

Controversial, but very interesting opinionMedieval Arab doctors, that early marriages can lead to longevity. In the East and now it is early to create a family, but there are many cases when men are able to conceive in 80-90 years, and their wives give birth to their children. Arab doctors explained this fact by the fact that marriage is peculiar to make a person responsible and helps him to act worthily in this new period of life.

10. Free expression of emotions

Modern psychology firmly supportsThe opinion that you need to freely express your emotions. Based on the curious result of a recent study, women who express their emotions out loud can more easily and quickly overcome stress. Men are prone to stronger and protracted breakdowns, as they often hold emotions to themselves, and this is harmful to the heart and overall health. That is, the doctor's recommendations confirmed the matriarchal picture - a woman screams at her husband, and he is silent in return.

11. Antioxidants

Pretty soon they entered the medicalTerminology, as specific substances that are designed to eliminate the oxidation of organic compounds and thereby strengthen the cells. With the help of this mechanism, we can say that they are necessary to slow the aging process of the organism as a whole. Without antioxidants, to live life without getting sick is almost impossible. Antioxidants are found in many vegetables and fruits: carrots, cabbage, peaches, apricots, strawberries, as well as in fish, pomegranates, green tea.

12. Walnuts

The use of nuts can prolong life onThe whole 7 years! This is the results of a study conducted at the University of California. Walnuts contain substances that protect the heart and blood vessels from the harmful effects of cholesterol. To achieve this effect, scientists say it is enough to eat only 5 nuts every week.

13. Apples

The results of several large studiesShowed that along with the right diet and physical activity, eating just 1 apple a day can prolong a person's life on average by 3 years. Apples are better to eat fresh - in the form of juice or jelly they are not so useful.

14. Cry

This "secret" of longevity, perhaps, can becomeUnexpected for many. But, according to scientists, people who from childhood cry little, in later life suffer more often and earlier die. This, according to scientists, is especially true for boys, who are diligently educated at an early age with the words "be a man - do not you dare cry." Most likely, here is the same moment as with containment of emotions in oneself. Of course, the advice of doctors often crying gave birth to a lot of controversy, but there is no evidence that crying is bad for health - so you can try.

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