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Useful properties of hazelnut oil and its application

Nut butter belongs to the category of plantOils. The composition of the oil contains a huge amount of vitamins and minerals, useful for our body. The protein in the hazelnut oil is as much as in the meat, but the main difference between them is that the protein of the oil is digested much easier and faster.

Also, its good digestibility of oil is due to the minimum amount of saturated fat. Regular consumption of oil reduces the risk of heart and vascular disease by more than 50%.

Hazelnut oil: composition

The oil contains 94% of polyunsaturated fatty acids: oleic, linoleic and linolenic. In none of the other oils of the plant group such a quantity of these fatty acids is present.

In addition, there are B vitamins, vitamins C and E, vital amino acids, mineral substances: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, cobalt, zinc and sodium.

Recall that oil hazelnut is perfectly absorbed by the body, and vitamin E is useful for the thymus gland, which is responsible for the balanced functioning of the immune system.

Hazelnut oil: useful properties

The oil has anti-inflammatory, regenerating, wound-healing effect. Therefore, hazelnut oil is widely used by traditional and non-traditional medicine and cosmetology.

In addition to the above properties in the dataAreas are used astringent and tonic effect of oil. Systematic application of oil helps to remove toxins, slags and parasites from the body, improve the functioning of the intestine and liver.

Oil hazelnut (hazelnut) is used inTherapeutic and prophylactic purposes of heart and vascular diseases, atherosclerosis due to the high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids in its composition. Minerals such as calcium, potassium and sodium fortify bone tissue and normalize blood pressure.

Properties of hazelnut oil when appliedAre effective for maintaining vision, reducing convulsive activity of the brain during epileptic seizures. Teenagers, the elderly, as well as athletes, it is necessary for replenishment of minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

Oil of hazelnut (hazelnut): application in cosmetology

The use of hazelnut oil is widespreadIn the manufacture and manufacture of cosmetics. It is used both in pure form and oil-base, mixing in cosmetic compositions with natural essential oils.

Oil hazelnut can be enriched with masks, shampoos, creams, balms, lotions, tonics and other cosmetics.

Oil hazelnut is ideal for the care of combined and problem fatty skin type. Oil helps purify and tighten pores, eliminate acne, treat abscesses and abscesses.

In addition, oil hazelnut oil is useful for the care of the skin around the eyes, as well as the treatment of couperose.

Oil hazelnut (hazelnut) promotesElimination of any consequences from the aggressive effects of the environment: ultraviolet rays, wind, frost, which, in turn, lead to peeling, irritation and reddening of the skin. The use of oil in such cases is very effective and does not cause side effects.

Hazelnut oil helps to smooth out wrinkles andPrevents the emergence of new ones. It has a rejuvenating effect and is therefore very actively used in cooking recipes for home creams and masks.

This vegetable oil can be used inQuality of massage. With its systematic use in this capacity, the skin of the body acquires elasticity, straightens out and the "orange peel" significantly decreases. If you periodically make masks that contain hazelnut (hazelnut) oil, the hair becomes stronger and acquires a healthy appearance.

Hazelnut oil: folk recipes

The oil can be applied to the pads of the fingers, both in its pure form, and premixed it with other oils (1: 1) and massage it lightly into the skin of the face and body.

For foot massage Mix 12 drops of hazelnut oil, 8 drops of oilSesame and 4 drops of calendula oil. In the 2 tbsp. L. Of the resulting composition, add five drops of tea tree oil and lavender. Massage the mixture obtained on the feet until completely absorbed.

To improve the complexion The next appliqué prepared according toPopular recipe. Stir one drop of hazelnut oil with two drops of cypress, orange oil or spruce oil. Composition put on fingertips and light massage movements rub into the skin of the face.

Recipe against acne

One tablespoon of hazelnut oil, five drops of eucalyptus oil, three drops of sage oil, two drops of cypress oil. Apply this compound daily to clean skin.

In addition, oil hazelnut will help Eliminate the problem of vascular "stars" on the face - Couperose. Stir one teaspoon. Hazelnut oil with five drops of lemon, lime or cypress oil. Dampen in this composition a cotton napkin and apply to the couperose areas. After a long application, the result will be noticeable.

For normal skin type It is useful to make the following face mask. Take one art. L. Hazelnut oil, one tsp. Walnut, one tart. L. The brewing of black tea, one and a half st. L. Milled grains of wheat. All components thoroughly mix and, putting on the face, leave for half an hour. At the end of time, wash yourself. Mask is recommended to do up to three times a week to achieve a fresh and resilient skin. In order to prevent this mask, you can do it once a week.

To cleanse the face of cosmetics Moisten the cotton pad in boiled water, gently squeeze and drip a couple drops of peanut butter on it. The oil can be applied in pure form, or mixed with other oils.

To strengthen hair Put on their roots oil hazelnut, pre-mixed with egg yolk in a 1: 1 ratio. Apply this compound for 15 minutes before washing your head.

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