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What to do to preserve vision during pregnancy

Change in vision during pregnancy.

During pregnancy hormones occurChanges that affect the work of all tissues and organs, including, and vision. Signs of visual impairment are the flashing of flies before your eyes, the deterioration of the vision of distant objects. Sometimes the eye conjunctiva becomes very sensitive, and those women who before the pregnancy wore contact lenses can not wear them during pregnancy. These signs can occur at any time of pregnancy, they do not always indicate serious visual impairment, but still only an ophthalmologist can understand this.

In any case, it is recommended thatPregnancy twice to visit an ophthalmologist: the first time at the beginning, the second time at the end - before giving birth. This is especially true for women who suffer a high degree of nearsightedness. They grow in size an eyeball, stretch the retina (a layer of nervous tissue, thin, located on the back of the eyeball on the inside - it is here that we perceive the image and transfer it to the brain), during labor with tension, it can exfoliate, Which will lead to loss of vision. When the retina is stretched, there is a violation of metabolic processes (dystrophy), which leads to an even greater thinning. Any vision of the retina affects vision.

Retinal detachment is a serious complication,It can at high physical exertion, including, and during childbirth. Therefore, women with a high degree of nearsightedness are advised to have a caesarean section. Signs of detachment of the retina: contours of objects are distorted, a dark stain or a veil appears before your eyes, which does not move when you look at it.

Retinal dystrophy can occur with cardiovascular diseases, cerebral circulation disorders, diabetes mellitus.

When a preventive examination of a pregnant womanThe ophthalmologist reveals in her the presence and degree of myopia, the presence of stretches and detachments of the retina, looks at the condition of the blood vessels of the fundus.

What should I do to maintain my vision during pregnancy?

To maintain vision during pregnancy,You must, first of all, regularly visit an ophthalmologist and follow all his recommendations. If the ophthalmologist has not revealed any changes in the examination of the fundus, when myopia is small, then with the help of special physical exercises you can prepare for high loads during childbirth. It is necessary to pass a school of motherhood, where they learn to push and breathe properly during labor. For preservation of vision it is very important, because all the efforts of a woman should be directed not upwards, on her head, but downward, to push the child out of the birth canal. With improper exertion, stress goes to the head, and accordingly, blood rushes to it. Including, the tide occurs and to the blood vessels in the eye fundus, and this can cause their rupture and hemorrhage.

It is recommended to make special visionsExercise to prevent the spread of myopia. For example, the following exercise is suitable: in the room, on the window, you should paste a small, in diameter less than a centimeter, a circle of colored bright paper, and with it several times a day to conduct special exercises. Do this: the distance from the pasted circle to the eyes should be about 30 cm, one eye should be closed by the hand, the other should be looked at in turn: then on the sticker, then on any object outside the window, placed as far as possible; The same exercise is then done with the second eye.

If myopia progresses, on the eyeThe day there are changes, then the ophthalmologist can offer a woman planning a pregnancy, laser vision correction. This procedure requires special equipment, but it is not traumatic for the patient, because in the conditions of the clinic it is carried out quickly and painlessly. The retina of the eye is strengthened by the action of the laser beam, becoming less prone to detachment and stretching. In some cases, after this operation, a woman with severe myopia is allowed to perform natural birth instead of Caesarean section. It is better to make a laser correction before pregnancy, because an obstacle to its conduct during pregnancy can become anesthesia, which is not always for the pregnant is harmless.

Pregnancy is the time when a woman needs to be especially sensitive to her health and, in particular, her eyesight.

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