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Properties and application of essential oil of nutmeg

Nut nutmeg - this is an evergreen tree,Growing in the equatorial belt. The height of the tree can reach up to 20 m. The tree is blossomed from 5-6 years until the end of its life. The life of the tree can reach 100 years. On average, 40 years of tree life is dedicated to the fruit offering. In a year the nutmeg can give 3-10 thousand nuts.

In appearance, the nuts of a nutmeg look like a peach. Muscat oil is obtained from the bones, but the butter of matsis, which today is rarely used in aromatherapy - from the shell of the nut.

Homeland of nutmeg - the islands of the Pacific(The western part), for example, the Moluccas. Today Muscat tree is grown mainly in Indonesia, Africa, India, Sri Lanka and Grenada (the Caribbean island).

In ancient Egypt, Muscat oil was used forAccompaniment of funeral rites, because it is well embalmed mummies. Hindus used it in disorders of the digestive system. Ancient Romans added nut oil to the aroma-incenses for the scent of the premises, and to save it from the plague they mixed it with other essential oils.

In the medieval period, this essential oil of steelTo apply for the treatment of hemorrhoids, preparing an ointment, which was based on pork fat. Later the nutmeg nut oil and the fruit itself were actively used in cooking, cosmetology, perfumery, and also in the production of alcohol.

Composition and properties of nutmeg oil

As part of the muscat oil, there are complex substances (natural alcohols, hydrocarbons), which, in turn, give it a specific smell, and also affect its healing properties.

The aroma of oil is spicy and spicy. He is able to improve perception and calm down with excessive excitement and excitement.

Nut butter has the following therapeutic effects:

  • Astringent;
  • Wound healing;
  • Antirheumatic;
  • Antimicrobial;
  • Antiseptic;
  • Antiemetic;
  • Antioxidant;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Analgesic.

Nut butter is taken at: Bacterial infections, gout, neuralgia, osteochondrosis, muscle pain, myositis, arthritis, neuritis. This application is caused by the fact that the oil can remove puffiness, eliminate pain and inflammation.

In addition, the oil promotes an increase in the elasticity of the walls of the bronchi, as well as their purification, stopping blood during hemorrhages and bleeding (nasal, uterine, etc.).

The nutmeg nut oil has a tonicAnd has a beneficial effect on the reproductive function of men and women. Also, the use of oil by women balances the menstrual cycle, reduces spasmodic pain during menstruation, promotes easier climax.

The nutmeg nut oil is an aphrodisiac. Physicians appoint him as an additional means to solve the problem of impotence. Oil helps reduce the uterus, which is necessary to facilitate delivery.

Application of nutmeg nut oil is recommendedThose who have problems with digestion. Its use helps the fatty and starchy foods to be digested better. It also improves appetite, relieves nausea, helps cope with chronic vomiting and diarrhea, prevents constipation, eliminates bad breath from the mouth. Due to its antibacterial action, oil can be used for intestinal infections and to facilitate the treatment of cholelithiasis.

The nutmeg nut oil can be used as a natural stimulant, since its warming action normalizes the heart activity and blood circulation.

Muscat oil application in cosmetology

This essential oil is not so often used inCosmetic purposes, since it has the ability to irritate the skin. But in small doses it should still be used because it has a rejuvenating effect. Oil helps to stimulate the process of reconstructing cells, as well as improving blood circulation. It is recommended to rub a mixture of essential oils with the addition of walnut oil to the roots of the hair to improve their growth and strength.

Rinsing with nutmeg nut oil is made withMuscular pains and rheumatism (on 0, 01 liters of base oil - 1/2 tsp nutmeg oil). You can enrich with oil cosmetic products (shampoo, cream, lotion, tonic, etc.). Take on 0, 01 liters of funds four drops of nutmeg.

The nutmeg nut oil can also be used inside,But first you should consult your doctor. Usually, muscat oil is added one drop into a glass of tea with various medicinal herbs. This drink helps well with poor appetite, overexcitation, intestinal infections.

Muscat oil in aromatherapy

In the aroma lamp, pour ½ tsp. Nutmeg nutmeg oil; In aromamedallon only a few drops; For a warm bath ½ tsp. Muscat oil dissolve in 2 tbsp. L. Milk and pour into the water.

In the procedures of massage and compress, take 0, 01 l of base oil ½ tsp. Muscat oil.

For preventive purposes, ARVI, acute respiratory infections, colds,Flu, sore throat air room with nutmeg nutmeg oil. This action will help to destroy viruses, purify the air and stimulate the immune system.

The aroma of oil helps to relieve tension,Fatigue, helps to relax and calm down before some complicated exciting event (speaking before the public, passing the exam, etc.), cheer up.

This essential oil has contraindications for use. Do not use oil when:

  • Increased nervous excitability;
  • Mental disorders;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Pregnancy;

Children are also prohibited from using nutmeg nut oil.

Muscat oil is perfectly combined with the following essential oils: sandalwood, cypress, cloves, coriander, cinnamon, black pepper, rosemary, tea tree, juniper, mandarin, geranium, patchouli.

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