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Complex of strength exercises for beginners


Training is built on the principle of super series: Do 1 exercise of strength exercises (8-15 repetitions, which will take 1 minute), alternating them with 2-minute sessions on the step-platform (you can perform one of the movements or make up any combination of them). On 1 super series, you need about 15 minutes. Twice a week, do 1-3 superseries, depending on the level of preparation and the time available. If you do not exercise for more than 3 months, start with 1 super series. When you master the complex, increase the number of superseries to 2. And if you are well prepared, then perform at least 2 superseries for training. Not enough time? Then limit to 1 super series, including in it more intense step-motion. At the beginning and at the end of the workout, perform Basic Step for at least 5 minutes: standing facing the platform, step on it from the right foot, then place the left foot. Then take a step back from the platform, first with your right foot, then with your left foot. Every 30 seconds, change the leading leg. Complete the workout with stretching exercises for all major muscle groups, including buttock, shins, back, shoulders, arms, and hamstrings. Hold each stretch, not the spring, 15-20 seconds.

Strength Exercises

1. Mahi on the diagonal. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, back and hands. Stand facing the step-platform. Put your right foot on it. Direct hands with dumbbells lift in front of you so that they are above shoulder level, with the right hand on top, and the left one on the bottom, palms facing each other. Make a swing with your hands down towards your left thigh. Do the necessary number of repetitions, then change your legs and repeat the exercise, swinging to the right thigh.

2. Push-ups and posture inverted V.

Exercise strengthens the muscles of the chest, shoulders and triceps. Stand on your knees in front of the end of the platform, palm rest in its edges, hands straight. Straighten your legs and go up on your toes (if you are a beginner, stay on your knees). Strain the muscles of the press so that the body forms a straight line from the top to the heels. Do not spread your elbows to the sides, press. Then push the buttocks upward so that the body looks like an inverted V, and lower the heels to the floor. Return to position 2a and repeat the exercise. Follow these simple rules, and your workouts will be effective and safe.

1. Use a step-platform or a low stable bench with a height of 15-20 cm, depending on your height, level of preparation and experience of step aerobics.

2. Include rhythmic dance music, which you will be comfortable with.

3. Place the entire foot on the platform to avoid injury. The thorax is straightened, the shoulder blades are connected.

4. Deal with such a burden, in which the muscles will be well strained, but at the same time the technique of doing the exercises will not suffer.

3. The arc. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the shoulders and triceps. Stand upright, legs together, knees slightly bent. A little lean forward from the hips, the body should remain straight. Straight arms with dumbbells, take for the back, do not slouch at the same time, palms look back. Without changing the position of the hull, spread your arms to the sides and lift them in front of you. Dumbbells should describe a smooth arc. Return your hands to their original position along the same arc.

4. Bending and raising hands. Exercise strengthens the biceps, muscles of the chest, shoulders and the middle of the back. Lie on your back, on the platform and lift your bent legs so that the legs are parallel to the floor. Tighten the press, pressing the lower back to the platform. Put your hands with dumbbells along the body, palms look up. Fixing the position of the elbows and wrists, bend your hands. Without bending your arms, lift them over your head, while unfolding your palms to each other. Return to the position, then straighten your arms.

If you have already practiced step aerobics, the dataThe traffic will be familiar to you. If not, you can easily master this. Perform them for 2 minutes in between power exercises alone or in the form of ligaments from several movements. Follow the rhythm of the music or think to yourself.

1. Stand facing the step-platform, take a step from the right foot to the right edge of the platform (to score 1), then lift the left leg (bent 2) in front of you. Lower your left foot to the floor (to score 3), step back onto the floor with your right foot (into account 4). Repeat the motion with your left foot. Then take a step from the right foot to the right edge of the platform, 3 times in a row raise the knee of the left leg (at the expense of 2, 3 and 4), lower it to the floor and put the right foot to it. After this, again, perform movements with one knee lift from the right and left legs, and then - movement with triple knee raising already with the left foot.

2. Stand facing the platform, put your right foot on its right edge, and the left one on the left. Take a step back to the floor to the center of the platform first with the right, then with the left foot. Perform on the floor 3 jumps "legs apart - legs together." Repeat the bunch with your left foot.

3. Stand on the middle of the platform. Make a thrust back from the right foot, the foot rests on the toe. Then put your right foot on the platform and perform a lunge with your left foot. Each attack is done on 1 score.

4. This movement is carried out at an accelerated pace: when you climb to the platform you do not walk, but as if run up to it. Do this movement, each time alternating legs.

5. Place your left foot on the left edge of the platform, then right - on the right. From the left foot, take a step back to the floor to the right edge of the platform, turning with the right side to the platform. Put the right foot to the left on the toe. Repeat the movement from the right foot. To increase the intensity, follow all the steps with a greater amplitude, like skipping, and do not place your foot on account 4, but make a jump on one leg.

6. Standing right side to the platform, put your right foot on it. Jump with your left foot on the platform, and raise the right leg at the same time, bending your knee. Take a step to the side on the floor with the right foot, then set the left one. Repeat the motion with your left foot. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the shoulders, back and triceps. Sit on the edge of the platform, legs together. Grab your palms around the edges, elbows bent. Then carefully "slide" off the platform, lowering the buttocks.

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