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Symptoms and proper nutrition for diarrhea

Symptoms of diarrhea.

Diarrhea can occur with completely differentDiseases. It can be poisoning by poor-quality food, intestinal infection (viral or bacterial), any disease of internal organs, an adverse reaction of which can be disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, exacerbation of chronic gastrointestinal disease (for example, chronic enterocolitis), hereditary enzyme Digestive enzyme), and so on.

In addition to the main treatment, separate for each case, a special diet is prescribed to reduce the inflammatory process in the intestine.

Nutrition for diarrhea.

Therapeutic diet is prescribed in accordance with the following symptoms:

  • Maximum removal of the workload of organsDigestion, which is achieved by the special purpose of the products and cooking (the food is cooked steamed or boiled, served in a garbled form);
  • Providing the body with all necessary nutrients for its normal functioning;
  • Improvement of the functional state of the digestive organs, gradually expanding the diet with decreasing signs of diarrhea.

With an irritated mucous membrane thinThe intestines need to eat neutral food that does not cause irritation, but, on the contrary, envelops and soothes the mucous membrane. Therefore, in any cases, diarrhea is prescribed diet No. 4. It reduces the fermentation processes in the intestines, chemically and mechanically spares it as much as possible. As a result of fermentation processes (occur when taking fresh milk and carbohydrates in large quantities), many gases are released in the intestine, which irritate and stretch the walls of the intestine.

Proper nutrition is characterized by the exception ofDietary fiber (contained in large quantities in fruits and vegetables), milk, smoking, pickles and spices. In addition to diet number 4, there are diets # 4A (it is prescribed when fermentation processes predominate in the intestine, so protein foods and carbohydrates are more restricted in it), 4B (it is prescribed if bowel diseases are combined with other gastrointestinal tract damage - pancreatic Gland, stomach, bile ducts, liver) and 4B (it is prescribed during the recovery period).

Food recommended for diet No. 4:

  • Either bread crumbs of white bread, or stale white bread;
  • Freshly prepared cottage cheese, mashed through a sieve;
  • Soups with a weak vegetable, meat or fish broth with boiled cereals (with rice, for example);
  • Milled low-fat varieties of fish and meat in the form of steam meatballs, soufflé from boiled meat;
  • Rubbed mucous porridges - "smears", cooked on water;
  • Eggs cooked, or cooked in steaming as an omelette;
  • Rubbed raw and baked apples;
  • Jam, unconcentrated unsweetened compotes of fresh apples or dried fruits, weak tea, coffee.

Products that should be excluded from the diet, According to diet number 4, because they increase the motor activity of the intestine:

  • Strong broths of fish, meat, mushrooms or vegetables;
  • Fatty soups, borscht with vegetables;
  • Fatty fish and meat;
  • Canned and smoked products;
  • Flour products (except for permitted);
  • Some cereals (wheat groats, millet), cereals (lentils, beans, beans), pasta;
  • Milk and dairy products (except for cottage cheese);
  • Berries, fruits, vegetables in a raw, not wiped form;
  • Carbonated drinks, cold dishes, all sweet.

All food should be cooked for a couple orCooked, and then rubbed. It is necessary to observe a diet: to eat food often, in small portions, every three hours (except for night), so as not to strain the gastrointestinal tract. After each meal, it will be useful to arrange a small rest.

A sample list of dishes that can be included in the diet for diarrhea.

With diarrhea during the day, you can choose to eat:

  • Curd pudding, orange or apple juice, half diluted in water;
  • Omelet steamed, two eggs or two soft-boiled eggs, white bread loaf, oat porridge, loose black coffee;
  • Mashed buckwheat porridge with chicken steam frying pan, a glass of unsweetened wild rose broth;
  • Biscuit, grated baked apple;
  • Rice soup with meatballs, boiled fish, mashed potatoes, steamed chicken, kissel;
  • Kissels of blueberries, pears or quinces.

When diarrhea begins to subside, less is prescribedStrict, more extensive diet number 4B. It is more diverse, it is possible to include in the menu baked goods from an uneaten fresh dough, a dry biscuit, fresh fruit (if tolerability is normal), dairy products.

But do not forget the main thing: with diarrhea, you need to see a doctor.

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