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Symptoms and proper nutrition with myocardial infarction

Symptoms of a heart attack.

Myocardial infarction is a serious heart disease. It is a form of ischemic heart disease, which is characterized by a violation of the blood supply to the muscle tissue of the heart - the myocardium. With myocardial infarction necrosis (necrosis) occurs in the myocardium.

Stages of the development of the disease: prodromal (period of precursors of the disease), acute, acute, subacute, period of scarring (post-infarction period).

Nutrition with a heart attack.

The right therapeutic diet is an inalienableAn element of the treatment of the heart, who underwent myocardial infarction. Diet during treatment is divided into three diets. First diet adhere during acute period is assigned to a second sub-acute period, the third - the period of scarring.

Initially, the patient's diet is limited, as inThe ratio of calories, and the amount of food that is received, which gradually increases. The nature of the disease requires almost complete, in some cases complete, elimination of salt. To add flavor, lemon juice, vinegar, parsley and dill are added. Food should be warm - hot and cold food is not acceptable. Products that cause fermentation in the intestine are excluded: sweets, grape juice, legumes, milk, etc. Pickles, smoked foods, fatty, spicy, canned food are unacceptable.

In the diet must necessarily beProducts rich in potassium (for normal work of the heart muscle), magnesium (for blood vessels), stimulating the work of the intestine (to prevent possible or eliminate existing constipation).

At the very beginning of the acute period (the first 2 days) inThe ration is only a drink in the form of diluted juices (it is desirable to avoid grape juice), non-carbonated mineral water, compote, broth of wild rose.

Products used in the future should be easyTo be absorbed, to be nutritious. Food should be wiped and take often, in small portions, 6-7 meals a day. "Fresh" juice is taken "raw", the remaining products must be boiled. In the acute period, the following dishes are acceptable: crackers; Mashed vegetable soups and cereals boiled on the water; Puree from vegetables; Steam omelet; dairy products. You can add a little bit of butter to the dishes.

In medical nutrition, meat and fish of low-fat varieties are used. In the first period, meat dishes are allowed in the form of steam cutlets, soufflé, meatballs, etc.

The second and third diet presupposes a gradualIncrease in calories and weight. The list of allowed products is expanded. In the second diet, dishes not wiped, but in a crushed form, in the third - in crushed condition and a single piece.

In general, the therapeutic diet is aimed atRestoration and improvement of the heart, prevention of atherosclerosis, which is the main cause of myocardial infarction. It must necessarily take into account other diseases of the body. An important point is the prevention of obesity, which is quite possible due to the inactive way of life of a recovering person.

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