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Symptoms and proper nutrition with hives

Symptoms of hives.

Bad ecology, improper nutrition, poor-quality products: all this can lead to the appearance of allergic reactions. A person should clearly understand, in connection with which he has an allergy.

What is an allergy? Allergy is a reaction (increased sensitivity) of the body to external environmental factors. As a result of this reaction, allergens are formed in the body, which manifest themselves in various forms (itching, burning, redness, and much more). One of the types of allergic reaction is urticaria. The causes of its occurrence may be increased sensitivity to allergenic products, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, poor metabolism.

Nutrition for hives.

With urticaria designate a milky-vegetableDiet: sour-milk products without additives, boiled, steamed and fresh vegetables, neutral fruits. Usually, they limit the use of foods that can cause allergies: smoked products, spices, canned foods, salt, sugar, fried foods, and also ready-made products that can contain chemical elements. If after a while the allergy passes, in a diet it is possible to enter the boiled fish and meat.

Proper nutrition with chronic urticaria.

With chronic urticaria appoint moreA strict diet. Exclude all foods that can slightly increase the allergic reaction. Such products include milk, mushrooms, eggs, honey, nuts, vegetables and fruits of red and orange color (red apples, red berries, carrots, beets), all citrus fruits, as well as strong tea, cocoa, coffee and chocolate. The food is excluded by smoked, fried, salted and sharp foods. Such a diet is called hypoallergenic.

Doctors usually watch it for a month, andGradually in the diet introduce these or other products. Thanks to this, the doctor can make an individual diet for the patient, and identify which foods are allergenic to the body.

This patient follows at least threeMonths for complete cleansing and getting rid of hives. After this period, the doctor begins to introduce into the diet a product that causes hives. It is introduced gradually and in small quantities. Over time, the dose is increased, and the body stops responding to it with increased sensitivity. Only after the introduction of one product, the next one is entered, and so on.

Thanks to this scheme of nutrition in the body, immunity is formed, and it ceases to react to products with the appearance of urticaria, and all manifestations of allergy, including hives, are eliminated.

If you have an allergic reaction, you should contact a specialist. And so it is necessary to remember that the disease is easier to prevent than prevent.

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