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Symptoms and proper nutrition for dysbiosis

Symptoms of dysbiosis.

In the human intestine - a normal microflora,Promoting the digestion of food. These are lactobacilli, bifidobacteria, several kinds of Escherichia coli and the like. But along with the useful microflora in the intestine there is constantly a certain amount of opportunistic microflora actively multiplying under certain conditions and causing various diseases. Moreover, the opportunistic microflora interferes with the process of digestion. The condition, when the amount of opportunistic microflora is increased, in fact, is called dysbiosis.

During dysbiosis, not only digestion is disturbed, but also immunity. People suffering from it often get colds.

Dysbacteriosis can appear on the background of treatmentAntibiotics, during severe illnesses, eating disorders, lack of vitamins and the like. Almost always dysbacteriosis takes place along with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Symptoms of dysbiosis are flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal pain, weakness, increased fatigue and various allergic reactions.

Nutrition for dysbacteriosis.

Due to the fact that the mechanism and causesDysbiosis can be different, then the diet should also be more or less individual. However, there are some general recommendations for proper nutrition in this disease.

For example, in the diet of patients with dysbacteriosis notShould enter easily digestible carbohydrates. With prolonged diarrhea, flour foods are not recommended, at the same time, vegetables and fruits are absorbed quite well. However, it happens, raw vegetables, which contain a lot of coarse fiber, are poorly digested by patients with dysbiosis, so they should be replaced with stews.

If the disease with intestinal dysbiosisThe processes of decay are leading, then fruits and vegetables are simply irreplaceable. Vegetables should first be eaten in boiled or stewed form, and then gradually go over to salads from fresh vegetables, freshly squeezed juices and fruit salads. Brake the progress of food and reduce diarrhea products, which include tannin (strong tea, bilberries, cocoa), food in a grated form, mucous soups, concentrated food and small amounts of liquid.

When constipation is advised to eat meals,Stimulating the movement of stool masses through the intestines: fruit juices, fermented milk products and purees. However, if the constipation continues, then the food should be enriched with fiber of fresh fruits and vegetables. Most useful is a salad of fresh cabbage, which was called "broom for the intestines." Promote the progress of food and cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat, pearl barley and millet porridge), as well as cold dishes.

Patients with dysbiosis should be excluded fromDiet products that irritate the intestinal mucosa. Such are smoked, pickled, spicy, fried, sour, spicy dishes, as well as some vegetables: radish, garlic, onion, sorrel, sour fruits and berries. Negative effects on the intestines of strong meat, mushroom and fish broth.

The "average" products include meat and fish in chopped form, a little dried white bread.

Some patients with dysbiosis can not tolerate fatty foods. This indicates that they have violations of the bile-forming function of the liver.

Nutrition for the disease dysbiosis shouldAbound with vitamins and minerals that take an active part in digestion. With dysbacteriosis of the intestine, a positive effect is obtained by apple puree. When the disease worsens, it is prepared from stewed apples of sweet varieties. After reducing the exacerbation, switch to apples in grated form. Apples puree is a prebiotic, that is a good nutrient medium for intestinal microflora. Moreover, due to the content of sufficient amounts of pectic substances in apples, they have an astringent effect, which makes them especially useful in the propensity to diarrhea.

At a dysbacteriosis the constantAdherence to proper nutrition, as this can aggravate the course of the disease. Therefore, the diet is recommended only if the disease worsens.

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