/ / Breast cancer and all that it is useful for a woman to know about him

Breast cancer and all that is useful for a woman to know about him

The most harmful, these are various misconceptions,Related to cancer in general and breast cancer in particular. Misleading, women around the world are losing precious time or ignoring symptoms, or self-medication, which leads to the most unfortunate consequences. What are the main misconceptions and myths associated with this ailment?

1. "No one in our family has had cancer, so I will not get sick either"

For a long time it was believed that heredityIs the main cause of cancer. Today it is proved that only 10% of cases of breast cancer are genetically determined. In most families where a woman develops breast cancer, this diagnosis has never been encountered before. So healthy genes can not guarantee protection against cancer.

2. This is a disease of older women

Unfortunately, doctors have to note the fact"Youthfulness" of breast cancer. Currently, 85% of women infected with breast cancer are under the age of 40 years. But in recent years, cases of morbidity among women, even up to 30 years, are much more common.
Hereditary forms of cancer in this case develop particularly quickly and within a few months reach the culmination.

3. WAnsa is very small

According to statistics, every 8 women in the world sufferFrom breast cancer. However, not all cases are serious. Tumors are usually benign, but they also require surgical intervention. Even according to statistics, there is a risk for every eighth woman not to live up to 85 years. But cancer has nothing to do with it. Until then, many of them may die for entirely different reasons.

4. Doing Mammograms are harmful

It is useful for a woman to know that irradiation during thisThe study is small and is absolutely safe for women over 40 years of age. Young women can be examined using other methods - for example, finger diagnosis.

As a rule, breast tissue in youngWomen are too dense for mammography and are sensitive enough that even a small impact reveals pathology. With age, the sensitivity decreases, and the mammography becomes absolutely safe.

5. If the doctor resorts to a biopsy, he suspects that you have cancer

Not always. Mammography and ultrasound determine the location and size of changes in breast cancer. But in order to find out what such changes are, a microscopic examination of the tissue sample should be carried out. This is done with the help of a thin needle and the procedure is not painful.

6. If you have several risk factors, then you will get breast cancer

Studies show that most womenOf the risk groups are not affected by breast cancer. Conversely, many suffer from this type of cancer, having no risk factors other than age. As they say, you can not escape your fate!

7. If you are breastfeeding, you will not encounter breast cancer

This is not quite true. Breastfeeding reduces the risk by a factor of two, especially if the birth of a child was before the 26-year-old mother. It is useful for a young woman to breast-feed - this is a fact. But this applies to those types of cancer that have gone before the culmination. Breastfeeding does not affect the risk of breast cancer in women after 35 years.

8. Mortality from breast cancer continues to grow

Unfortunately, sick women doBecomes more. But mortality remains at the same level. This is achieved through the development of medicine in this area, preventive measures and vigilance of the women themselves.

9. In this case, the cancer must be removed from the breast

In fact, this is not mandatory. Everything depends on the stage and development process. If the tumor size is no more than 2.5 cm, surgery is performed that does not require removal of the breast. However, according to some experts, this is more reliable, especially if breast cancer has affected both mammary glands. The operation is performed under general anesthesia, plastic is made - implants are placed in the breast.

10. Breast cancer is considered the No. 1 killer among women

Yes, according to statistics from him, women die 8 timesMore often than from cardiovascular diseases. But in general, breast cancer ranks sixth in mortality in the world - it is useful to know so as not to create panic within yourself. Among women under 45, AIDS and accidents die more than breast cancer. In addition, many women panic about breast cancer, but continue to drink and smoke. It speaks of intimidation, but of irresponsibility.

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