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How to make up for energy and always be cheerful and active

Although each organism has its own individual characteristics, these recommendations will still do their job. You will feel better, you can remain vigorous for a long time.

1. Do not drink withSoft drinks

It is better to consult juices, compotes or drink tea/ sugar free coffee. Pure drinking or mineral water is also useful. Sweet drinks contribute to the development of acidic conditions in the body, thereby causing the growth of fungi, bacteria and viruses. And they often are the causes of general weakness, lethargy and lack of energy.

2. Limit the use of sugar

The reason is the same. In addition, cells "prefer" simple carbohydrates, which are found in fruits and vegetables, rather than complex ones, which are characteristic for foods where there is sugar.

3. Breathe properly

When excited or under stress, tryFocus on your breathing. Try to take 10 deep breaths. Breathe in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Normalized breathing will help to keep your immune system, as it reacts to any changes in breathing.

4. Do it withA port of at least 30 minutes every day

It may even be a simple walk, but sheWill help the body to return to normal. The body during the burns burns more calories, improves metabolism, the body rejects unnecessary and can replenish energy faster and more efficiently.

5. Drink green tea instead of coffee

Tea contains a whole complex containingVitamins and minerals, which is especially true in the colder months, when most people usually eat less fruits and vegetables. If your food is not nutritious, then green tea will come to your rescue. It will help stay active longer.

6. The duration of sleep should be at least 6 and not more than 7-8 hours per day

To be vigorous and active, you need plenty ofTo get enough sleep. This is understandable - the body needs time to recover. Lack of sleep is always noticeable to the naked eye, and with prolonged lack of sleep, your body can generally get sick.

7. Avoid fats and enhancements. Cholesterol levels

About a person who is inactive, who finds it difficultPhysical loads are given, they say: "He swelled with fat." And it's no accident. Excess weight here is nothing, just an excess of fat in the body does not give energy to make up, a person constantly feels weakness and discomfort.

8. Avoid the microwave oven

At temperatures above 118 degrees and belowThe action of microwaves is the destruction of enzymes in foods, namely they provide a charge of energy and nutrients in food required for the body.

9. Communicate with friendly and positive people

Negative emotions create discomfort insideyou. The environment is very important. If you constantly communicate with whiners and complainants for a life, then gradually this negative shifts to you. Try to avoid communication with those who drive into depression and despondency. Or influence them, raising their spirits. Being active and alert for them is a whole problem, so help them in this!

10. Eat Fruit for breakfast and vegetables for lunch and dinner

Of course, as an addition, not as a single food. Be sure to include them in the diet. Fruits and vegetables - energy source number 1.

11. Tune in to a positive mood at once after awakening

This is a real protection against stress and various diseases that arise on the basis of stress, bad mood, longing.

12. Listen to your favorite music more often

It will not only raise your spirits. It is proved that music helps to better fill energy, even improves digestion and general health. Influences music and immunity.

13. ЗEvery morning, every morning

Any doctor will tell you that the morning mealforemost. It will increase your productivity, and you will receive and process the necessary energy during the day. The main thing is for breakfast to be right. Not sandwiches with smoked sausage, but porridges, yoghurts, muesli, fresh juices.

14. Do not skip lunch

This will help you save your energy in the afternoon. You can easily stay active and manage everything in due time.

15. During the workday, take short breaks

Move your eyes from the computer screen to the window,go, drink a glass of cold water. It will take a little time, but it will allow you to concentrate better after the break. You will be surprised at how much more energetic you become if you learn to have a proper rest during work.

16. Take a survey

If you start to notice sudden seizuresfatigue - do tests for allergies. Often the symptoms of allergic diseases can outwardly manifest themselves in a decrease in activity, in difficulties with weight loss, in a propensity for depression.

17. TOEach meal must contain protein

Your menu should always contain protein. It helps maintain a constant level of glucose in the blood and, as a result, good performance. To do this, you need to eat meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts.

18. Eat Nutritiously

The products that you use should contain: coenzyme Q10, magnesium, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids. Read on the labels that you are buying.

19. Check the operation of the intestine

The slightest deviations in the work of the intestine cause a bloating of the stomach, flatulence, an irresistible desire to eat something sweet and, therefore, a feeling of extreme fatigue.

20. Make sure that the decrease in activity is not associated with serious medical disorders

Diseases such as thyroid dysfunctiongland, deficiency or excess amount of iron in the body entail a feeling of fatigue when the body is difficult to replenish energy. This can be determined very easily by giving a general blood test.

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