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Useful properties of crab meat

Crab meat, like most seafood,Is an important element of a full-fledged healthy diet. Crab meat diet, delicious and tender, as well as very useful, as it is the source of the elements necessary for man. Pay attention to the state of health, life expectancy and slender figures of most Japanese who regularly consume different seafood, and you will understand how important these products are to humans.

Now I would like to turn toUseful properties of crab meat. Crab meat contains zinc, which together with vitamin C helps the body to fight viruses, favorably affects the skin condition, reduces the level of bad cholesterol, strengthens immunity. Useful crab meat is necessary for a person, it contains iodine, which is simply necessary for normal functioning of the thyroid gland And maintaining normal human hormone levels and metabolism. Calcium is necessary for a good condition of hair, nails, teeth, bones. Potassium has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, making the body more hardy overall. Also, crab meat contains a lot of other biologically active microelements and vitamins necessary to man: calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, copper, sulfur, vitamins B1, B2, B12, E, PP and so on. In addition, crab meat contains a powerful antioxidant amino acid taurine, which also has a favorable effect on vision. Taurine also nourishes, maintains elasticity and maintains the tonus of the blood vessels and muscles of the body, protects the body from the harmful effects of the environment. By the way, you can notice that taurine is a part of many energy drinks.

Crab meat is a source of other usefulAmino acids, proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and so on. In addition, crabs have low caloric content and low fat content, which means they are a dietary and easy product that keeps the figure and does not cause obesity.

Crab meat is useful for people with diseasesCardiovascular system, as this product boasts a significant content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and digestible proteins in which there is no cholesterol, and which reduce the content of harmful cholesterol in the blood. When anemia is highly recommended to include more crab meat in your diet. If the health of the eyes deteriorates, it is also recommended to eat crabs. Regular consumption of crab meat can also preserve youth and beauty - overall health and appearance improve, thanks to polyunsaturated fatty acids, the skin acquires elasticity, wrinkles are smoothed out.

In crab meat, a large amount of protein, whichMuch more useful and much faster absorbed by the body than the protein of meat products. This is particularly important for people with diseases of the digestive tract - meat protein is processed by the body for about 5 hours, and the protein of crab meat and other seafood - 2 times faster. Crab meat and other seafood are much softer and more tender than ordinary meat.
As already mentioned, the crab meat containsiodine. Our body does not produce iodine on its own, but receives it from certain products, including seafood. If you eat at least a little bit of crab meat or, for example, shrimp, you will provide your body with a daily norm of iodine, which is simply necessary for the thyroid gland and brain. For example, in the same Japan, where seafood is a constant component of the diet, almost never there are diseases of the thyroid gland. And unlike products where iodine was added artificially (milk, salt, etc.) from seafood this element will not evaporate immediately under the influence of the sun and oxygen.
Regular consumption of crab meat reducesThe risk of emotional overload due to the content of vitamins B, PP, copper, magnesium - "cocktail" to maintain a good mood and poise. And the phosphorus content enhances the influence and assimilation of B-group vitamins.

And this is not all the dignity of crab meat. Like most other marine creatures, crabs have a beneficial effect on spermatogenesis, male potency, helping to avoid a decrease in libido, as they are an aphrodisiac and contribute to the production of testosterone.
What else is useful for crab meat? This product contributes to the prevention of heart attack and atherosclerosis, stimulates brain activity, polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 are also the prevention of cancer. Useful properties of crab meat can not be considered.

Edible crab meat is found in the abdomen and inExtremities. Preparation of crabs and dishes from crab meat will not take you much time, but these dishes will please with excellent taste and will be of great benefit for your health and the health of your family. In many countries, the inhabitants take as their food diet seafood, and not meat or bread, as the seafood is much faster prepared, better digested and absorbed by the body. Seafood is an integral part of a healthy diet, their benefits are undeniable and undeniable. Pay attention also to the fact that in those countries where seafood is not a gimmick on the table, but an important part of the diet, people are less likely to get sick, and their life expectancy is longer.

Nutritionists recommend eating crab meat2-3 times a week, preferably combining it with rice, as do in the eastern countries. The combination of these products is perfectly balanced in composition, does not burden the body and is easily digested.

It should be remembered that the shelf life of refrigeratedAnd fresh crabs is small. At a temperature of about 12 ° C crabs can not be stored for longer than 15 hours, and if crabs are peppered with fine ice, then the storage period is not more than 36 hours. Remember always about the beneficial properties of crab meat and do not forget to purchase this valuable product in the store! Eat right and stay healthy!

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