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Simple and effective treatment of sore throats

We often think that such a disease asAngina, arises from soaked feet or from the fact that the neck is not very well wrapped. But this is an erroneous opinion. Acute tonsillitis, or tonsillitis, is an infectious disease. The main causative agent of this disease is streptococcus. This virus can be picked up by kissing, shaking hands, using one dish with a sick person, a common towel and so on. And also by airborne droplets during coughing and sneezing.

There are several varieties of angina. If the inflammation is on the surface of the tonsils, then it is a catarrhal angina. If the amygdala is affected to the very core of the follicular apparatus, then it is follicular angina. When inflammation occurs in lacunae - indentations in tonsils, it is lacunar angina. Still there is a fungal quinsy, which occurs with reduced immunity. Each of these forms of angina requires specific treatment. Therefore, to see a doctor, you should go, or call him at home, be sure!

It is not difficult to recognize the symptoms of angina. There is a strong pain in the throat, which prevents swallowing, there is weakness, chills, high fever. The throat turns red. The appearance of white dots on the tonsils is a sign of follicular sore throat. If the tonsils are completely covered with a white coating, then this is lacunar tonsillitis. There is a smell from the mouth, the cervical, submandibular and bovine lymph nodes, which are painful to touch, increase.

When the first symptoms of this disease needGo to a doctor-otolaryngologist. Symptoms of the disease may not be pronounced: not very high temperature, and not a pronounced pain in the throat. Under angina may be masked, and diphtheria, and mononucleosis. For effective treatment of angina, antibiotics are needed, and only a specialist can prescribe them. Self-administration of antibiotics can be, at best, useless, since many drugs do not act on the pathogens of angina. Self-medication can lower your immunity.

With simple and effective treatment of angina severelyBed rest is needed. If you do not comply with it, there may be complications. This can lead to inflammation of the kidneys, rheumatism, as well as inflammation of the heart muscle. Necessarily the patient should have a separate dish. If possible, isolate the patient from the rest of the family. Angina is a very contagious disease, therefore, it follows the one who has the stronger immunity. Do not prepare strong food for the patient, as it is very painful to swallow. Do not give irritating mucous, salty, sharp and sour dishes. It warms the throat, and removes the infection from the body abundant and warm drink. Very useful alkaline drinks. It is good to drink mineral water without gases, herbal or green tea. Follow the recommendations that your doctor prescribed.

Compresses and gargling, so popular inTraditional medicine, with effective treatment of angina should be used only with the permission of a doctor. Alcohol compresses, providing deep heating, leads to a flood of blood in the tonsils. This can lead to a worsening of the patient's condition, since an infection with blood is spread all over the body. Increased rinsing of the throat leads to more irritation of the affected tissues. It is good to gargle when the disease is already receding. With a sore throat, wrap a woolen scarf around your throat to ensure dry heat.

Sometimes, 1-2 months after a sore throat,Complications appear. It is necessary to be sure that the disease has disappeared, to pass repeated analyzes of urine and blood. After the transferred illness the immunity is usually weakened. You should take more vegetables and fruits, avoid contact with sick people. It is necessary, as often as possible, to ventilate the room in which you live or work, do a wet cleaning. However, the simplest and most effective treatment for angina will be your attention and care for the sick person.

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