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Female sexually transmitted diseases

When a disease is a venereal disease,A person can not always feel any changes in his body and overall health or symptoms that can cause a person to see a doctor. The disease can occur without visible changes or the appearance of any symptoms, that is, the so-called latent form of the disease, or the symptoms may disappear after a certain time after infection. But this will not be a good sign, since the latent manifestation of the symptomatology, that is, the so-called clinical manifestation of the disease is not monitored by the physician and can move into a more complicated or even latent or chronic form that is more difficult to diagnose.

Female sexually transmitted diseases inMainly, are transmitted due to unprotected sex (oral, vaginal, anal). But not all diseases are transmitted through direct sexual contact. Among the group of sexually transmitted diseases, there are such infections as HIV, hepatitis that are transmitted by the hematogenous way, that is, through contact with infected blood or its transfusion. Most are transmitted by the placental method, that is, from mother to fetus: through the placenta during pregnancy or during labor.

Symptoms of which require urgent medical examination:

  • Allocation from the rectum, urethra, vagina;
  • Itching in the genital area and skin;
  • Ulcers or erosion on the genitals and skin;
  • Wart formations on the genital organs and skin near them;
  • Not pleasant sensations, burning, pain when urinating;
  • A feeling of discomfort in the lower abdomen or crotch;
  • Painful sensations during or after intercourse.

In women, sexually transmitted infectionsMore often cause serious complications, in the sphere of menstrual and genital functions. In some cases, forms of disease can occur with the defeat of various systems of organs of the human body.

STDs cause inflammation of internalGenital organs in women such as urethritis, pseudo-erosion of the cervix, inflammation of the fallopian tubes (salpingitis), the consequences of which are infertility, no pregnancy, ectopic tubal pregnancies, pathological course of pregnancy and infections in newborns.

List of sexually transmitted diseases

There are 2 Type of venereal disease: Classic and new. The classical ones are: syphilis, gonorrhea, venereal granuloma, soft chancroid and venereal lymphogranulomatosis, found mainly in countries located in the subtropical and tropical zones.

In view of the appearance in the pharmacological sphere of newAnd more effective drugs, the number of deaths from sexually transmitted diseases has significantly decreased. The current methods of laboratory and diagnostic studies allow us to identify pathogenic microorganisms before they are likely to cause complications, and also made it possible to identify infections that were not previously known or are in a mutation state.

New venereal diseases include:

  • Trichomoniasis
  • Chlamydia
  • Candidiasis
  • Cytomegalovirus
  • Genital herpes, etc.

Pregnancy and Sexual Infections

If during pregnancy the initial stages are visibleInfection or it is diagnosed - treatment is urgently started. When appointing a doctor, the doctor must take into account the possible consequences of the disease and the consequences of taking medications that can or can not harm the fetus and the mother. The fact is that any infection, and in particular about the type referred to in this article, can be crucial in the formation, for example, of internal organs, the appearance of some kind of visual defects or defects in the organs, and the appearance in the newborn of diseases that later on , Most likely, will develop in a chronic form. Therefore, any visible changes in the genital area and perineum and those complaints listed above should be reported immediately to the doctor.

The greatest fears in determiningPregnant infection causes syphilis, which is able to overcome the placental barrier, hitting the fetus. Sometimes the consequences of the transmitted infection can be so serious that in some cases even interrupt the pregnancy. For example, with diseases capable of overcoming the placental barrier with a higher probability - hepatitis, syphilis, cytomegalovirus.

Recently, the number of infectedVenereal disease is not abruptly, but is increasing. One of the reasons for this growth is disorderly sexual relations, a low ethical and sexual culture of people. I also wanted to note that besides the fall of culture, it's also that people are afraid to ask doctors for help with their own suspicions of a venereal disease or just feel embarrassed to tell all the doctors. And from here and self-treatment, which lead to colossal consequences.

Remember, there are no magic drugs andFolk methods that can cure everything and everyone. Without proper care and consultation, and in the future, if infection occurs, and treatment of female sexually transmitted diseases will be difficult. This behavior will lead to complications for the woman, and if she is pregnant, then for the fetus.

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