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String beans: useful properties

The ancient Romans used beans not only inFood. They used it for make-up. And for decorative - did powder, and for medicinal as a means of softening the skin. It was believed that the beans smoothes wrinkles. It was one of the components of a face mask used by the famous beauty Cleopatra.

Europeans learned about beans in the 16th century. She was brought from South America by Dutch and Spanish sailors. And then she got to Russia, where she got the name "French beans". Initially, beans were grown only for flower gardens and gardens, as an ornamental plant. And only in the 18th century they began to eat. We still prefer bean cultivars in the form of shrubs in Russia. They take up less space, bring an early harvest.

There are two varieties of beans: Sugar and shelling. Sugar beans are eaten entirely, because the valves are very soft. Now beans are among the bean cultures second in the world (the first is soybean). Many southern peoples use beans in most of their dishes. South American and Chinese national cuisine can not do without beans.

In our country, they prefer a string bean. It is productive, resistant to the diseases and climate of the country. In addition, it is light and tasty in canned form.

String beans are useful for the digestiveSystem of our body. It is simply indispensable for our nutrition, it has a lot of useful properties. Beans contain many minerals and vitamins, so needed by man. The nutritional value of this plant exceeds some products of animal origin.

Composition And useful properties of beans

Bean beans contain up to 27% vegetable protein, which in its value is not inferior to the protein of many varieties of meat. In addition, this protein is absorbed by our body by 75-80%.

String beans are rich in such irreplaceableMineral substances for us, like potassium, iron, magnesium. Beans are a real storehouse of vitamins. It contains vitamins E, B6 and B2, C, PP. It also has essential amino acids. Such a composition makes beans a necessary product for people over 40. They need to introduce beans into their diet and eat at least 2 times a week.

Beans are recommended for use in bronchitis,Skin diseases, rheumatism, intestinal infections. Because it contains a lot of sulfur. The increased iron content makes the bean string bean irreplaceable in diseases of the hematopoietic system. Iron, which is in the bean helps the formation of red blood cells.

Useful properties of beans are known for a long time. Its medicinal qualities have long been used in medicine. For patients with diabetes, it is simply an indispensable product. In fact, the string bean lowers the amount of sugar in the blood. This is due to a substance such as arginine. The action of this substance is like insulin. It is he who participates in the processes of nitrogen exchange and the synthesis of urea. The most useful for diabetics are the leaves of the string bean. They brew and eat on an empty stomach before the main meal. Better yet, brew them together with the leaves of blueberries.

Beans also have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system. Those who love bean dishes have a calm and benign mood.

It is known that beans have antimicrobial properties. Therefore, it is useful to use for tuberculosis.

Frequent use of dishes from this wonderful legume prevents the formation of stones on the teeth.

Dishes from green beans are highly recommendedInclude in the diet hypertensive patients and patients suffering from atherosclerosis. Also useful beans for heart rhythm disorders. After all, the active components of this plant have a very beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system of the body.

In addition, this useful plant improvesCarbohydrate metabolism. What happens is due to the presence of zinc in it. If you eat more often from beans, you can get rid of extra pounds. Replace in your diet potatoes and pasta for beans instead of extreme experiments with unchecked diet pills and diets. And the loss of excess weight will be provided to you.

This useful plant has a good effect onThe genitourinary system of our body. Beans improves potency, affects the dissolution of kidney stones, has cleansing and antibacterial properties, is used as a diuretic.

Use green string beans for gout. Since it is involved in the regulation of salt metabolism. As you can see, the string bean, useful properties will help you get rid of many diseases.

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