/ The most favorable time for conception of a child

The most favorable time for conception of a child

To conceive a child, sexual intercourse is bestDo it when ovulation is about to begin. Then the mucous membrane of the cervix is ​​very sensitive. Future parents should make love daily during this period, so that spermatozoa can safely enter the fallopian tubes, where they wait for the release of the egg.

On average, this period occurs 12-16 days after the onset of the menstrual cycle. The greatest probability of getting pregnant is if you correctly determine on what day you will have ovulation.

Rules for calculating ovulation and time of conception.

  • Rhythmic method (calendar)

The most successful definition of the day of ovulation will beIn the case when a woman has the same menstrual cycle every month. In this case, approximately the 14th day of the cycle will be most favorable for the conception of the child.

  • Method for determination of basal temperature

Because of such factors as the state of health,Taking medications, experiences and nervous breakdowns for many women is difficult enough to determine the beginning of the menstrual cycle. The output in this situation can be the measurement of the temperature of the rectum (basal body temperature). Experts recommend checking the temperature every morning without getting out of bed. Before ovulation, the basal temperature will be the same every day. And during the period of ovulation, it rises slightly (by 0.2-0.4 degrees), which is a sign of menstruation.

  • Method for monitoring cervical mucus

Before and during ovulation.Vaginal mucus becomes transparent, sparse and viscous, like raw egg white. You can rub this mucus between your fingers, then move your fingers apart - the mucus will not break immediately.

  • Symptomothermal method (most accurate)

The combination of the above methods is the mostThe exact way to determine the middle of the menstrual cycle. Such a method was called symptomothermal, and it includes a daily check on the nature of mucus, a measurement of basal body temperature (temperature of the rectum), and a woman's careful keeping of the menstrual cycle calendar. Watch your body, and you can accurately determine the date of ovulation for minor symptoms.

  • Tests, with which you can accurately determine the time of ovulation (sold at the pharmacy)

Similar tests are done according to the same principle asAnd pregnancy tests. When interacting with the urine, two transverse strips appear in the corresponding test field. One canopy means that the test is working, the other says a lot of luteinizing hormone (LH). A sharp increase in the amount of this hormone suggests that the egg will soon "be born," usually in one or one and a half days. Ovulation can be determined within a few days, so in the kit is sold immediately five tests. In the case where the second line becomes paler than the control line, you should see a doctor gynecologist or endocrinologist, this may mean that ovulation does not occur. The peak of the LC is determined by two strips of the same color. This is the most favorable time for conception, which will last 2-3 days.

Having started preparing for the appearance of your unborn child even before conception, you can not doubt, for they made the right decision!

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