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Treatment of nasal congestion with folk remedies

The methods of treating this ailment these daysAbound. For example, treatment of nasal congestion with folk remedies can be effective. However, before the treatment starts, you should find out the cause that caused the stuffiness.

Causes of stuffy nose

The causes of difficulty in nasal breathing can be very different, from the common cold, to malignant formation. In addition, there may be congenital features that contribute to nasal congestion.

Nasal congestion can last five days ifDiagnosis - acute respiratory disease. And after the treatment passes by himself. When an infection caused by bacteria joins the viral respiratory diseases, the disease can also capture the paranasal sinuses. Symptoms of sinusitis can be nasal congestion and purulent discharge from the nose. If the disease becomes chronic, then the stuffiness of the nose is constantly present. Often there are no apparent causes for nasal congestion, but a more detailed examination can establish that this was preceded by symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, itching on the skin, and throat swelling-all this may indicate that nasal congestion is caused due to an allergic reaction.

During pregnancy, women can be observedNasal congestion, it is caused by swelling of the nasal mucosa, which is quite common in pregnancy. During this period, women develop hormone progesterone, which contributes to the normal course of pregnancy, and it can cause swelling.

Chronic nasal congestion can also beProvide hormonal disorders. As studies have shown, 80% of women who have polypous rhinosinusitis are also hyperestrogenic - women's hormones are released in large numbers. In addition, nasal congestion can be due to physical defects - trauma, post-traumatic hematoma, fusion in the nasal cavity, abscess.

There can also be observed such diseases of the nose as atrophic rhinitis, ozena, adenoids, which leads to nasal congestion.

Brain hernia of different species, congenital narrowness of the nasal passages, atresia of the khohan - these categories of the disease are congenital, and can also cause nasal congestion.

Obstruction of nasal passages and as a result of nasal congestion can contribute to polyps in the nose, malignancies, and foreign bodies.

Cases of misuse of nasal dropsWhile self-medication can also lead to chronic nasal congestion. The problem is that the action of these drops has a time limit of 4 to 6 hours. If often, and for a long time to use such drugs, the patient can develop iatrogenic rhinitis. With this disease swollen mucous membrane of the nose, it makes breathing difficult, and the patient again resorts to the same drugs. With prolonged use of these drops, the need for them increases, and the patient uses them more often. Long-term use of such vasoconstrictive drops leads to vessel atrophy, because They are constantly in a constricted state, there is a disturbance of blood circulation in the nasal mucosa, with time the ciliated epithelium is lost, which is the main obstacle for the penetration of microbes into the nasopharynx. Prolonged use of these types of drugs can be addictive.

However, there are many effective folk remedies for the treatment of nasal congestion.

An excellent remedy that relieves inflammationIs a Kalanchoe plant. Squeeze the juice from the leaf and dip into the nose using a pipette. This will cause an intense sneeze and will remove the infection from the nose. Do the procedure at least three times a day, the duration of the application - about 5 days.

Mix half a glass of sunflower, orBetter olive oil with a tablespoon of valerian root, insist for 7 days in a cool place, then strain through gauze and a couple drops drip into the nose at night. On average, a complete cure is enough for 7 days. However, it can cause unpleasant sensations, for this it is necessary to suffer a little.

Another effective folk remedy can be mutton fat. It should be dipped in this fat cotton swab and lubricate the nasal mucosa. Do this for the night.

People's experts recommend usingTreatment of nasal congestion boiled potatoes or eggs. Egg must be cooked and while they are warm, apply to the nose on both sides, you can hold about 20 minutes, or until it cools. Heat will help to remove swelling. In the case of potatoes, it should be cooked and inhaled by the pairs under the blanket. In this case, breathe with your nose and exhale with your mouth.

In the treatment of sinusitis the following recipe will help: grate the beetroot, squeeze the juice, add three teaspoons of water, a spoonful of honey, mix it thoroughly and dip into the nose.

Horse sorrel is good in the treatment of sinusitis. Take half a teaspoon of roots of this plant, pour boiling water, half a glass, insist an hour and a half and then rinse your nose with a warm solution.

To cleanse the nose is also effective sea salt. Do not wash the nose with a strongly concentrated solution. In addition, you can use salt for heating. For this procedure, heat the salt in a frying pan, wrap in a rag, or a clean sock will fit well, and apply to the nose on both sides for 10 minutes.

In addition, experts recommend that you massage with circular movements of the nasal septum and the wings of the nose.

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