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Methods of contraception to prevent unwanted pregnancy

The basis of contraception advocates a warningUnwanted pregnancy. In our time, there are a variety of ways to avoid a woman's unplanned pregnancy. Let's take a closer look at contraceptive methods to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

To date, for safe sex, the mostPopular among young couples, is the direct use of a condom. It is this "rubber miracle" that is the basis of safe sex. The main thing, of course, is that both partners should have the desire to use it and, moreover, do it right. It is also believed that a condom is the best method for preventing diseases that are transmitted exclusively through sexual transmission. This method of contraception has a significant number of pluses.

- It can be used without the appointment of a doctor and even without prior medical examination.

- It is simple in its use and does not create risk and subsequent consequences for women's health.

- It is sold without prescription, it can be easily bought in any pharmacy or supermarket.

- Its effectiveness is immediate, compared with hormonal tablets.

- Convenient for regular sexual intercourse.

- it can be used simultaneously with other methods of contraception. For example, contraceptive pills.

When used, by your sexual partnerCondom, you should know that it is worthwhile to use always good and quality latex products, which are very well proven in the market of these products. These are, as a rule, well-known trademarks. Do not save yourself.

The next type of contraceptive, weWe can call oral contraception. Namely, hormonal contraceptive pills, or hormonal contraceptive. In our time, in the pharmaceutical market, there are a very large number of them. Hormonal birth control pills are tablets, which include synthetic female sex hormones, such as progestin and erogen. These hormones are similar to those that are produced in your body. Combinations of such hormones block ovulation (the yield of a mature egg). As a conclusion, fertilization does not occur, and pregnancy becomes impossible.

Hormonal contraception is one of the mostEffective means of unwanted pregnancy. Of course, subject to their daily intake. Their effectiveness is equal to 99% of 100. Their side is that they can not protect against diseases transmitted during sex.

The most basic, before the beginning of reception of the given kindContraception, you should definitely undergo a medical examination of an obstetrician-gynecologist. Only a specialist can prescribe to you that kind of contraceptive pills, which is best and most effective for you. Do not start using those pills that your friend advised you. Know that their hormonal base can be absolutely not suitable for your body and thereby, harm your health. To use hormonal drugs is not recommended if you have a disease associated with high blood pressure, or a sick liver.

Also, you can refer to such methodsPrevention of unwanted pregnancies, such as the use of a special vaginal ring. It is a hormonal contraceptive, which consists of the same hormones. You can lead it yourself, as, roughly, you do it using a tampon. This method works during one full-fledged menstrual cycle. Side effects and contraindications vaginal ring, during its use, practically does not. Its only disadvantage is a feeling of discomfort.

Another method of contraception is theUse of intrauterine device (IUD). The duration of this remedy is very long (from 2 to 5 years). It is recommended for use by women who have already given birth. This type of contraception is established by a gynecologist within the uterine cavity. Removed, he is also with the help of this doctor. In the case of using an intrauterine device, it is not forbidden to engage in any physical activity. Here we can refer the use of special apertures and caps. The difference between these two types of contraception is that the diaphragm acts during one sex session (about 7 hours), and the cap is valid for a whole week. These preparations should be picked up individually for you by the gynecologist.

From the well-known and popular means ofPrevention of unwanted pregnancy, we can distinguish the following. Douching of the vagina, immediately after the sexual intercourse. Here, your main task is promptness. Spermatozoa very quickly reach their goal. A very often used calendar method, which is based on calculating the duration of ovulation. Here it is worth remembering that each girl has her own individual cyclic calendar period. And last, the most famous and popular is the interrupted sexual intercourse in time. But here the most important thing is to be sure that you can completely and unquestioningly trust your partner for sex.

So we listed, the main methodsContraception to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Then the choice is only for you and your young man in what way is best for you to protect. Do not miss your chance to be loved, if you know exactly how you can reliably protect yourself, in the first place.

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