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What can cause an incorrect bite of the oral cavity

Normal bite (closing of teeth), this is whenUpper teeth slightly overlapping the lower ones. Accordingly, an incorrect bite is some deviation from the norm of closing teeth. Incorrect bite is divided into several types:

- distal - strongly developed upper jaw or underdeveloped lower,

- mesial - the lower jaw is pushed forward,

- deep - the lower teeth are blocked by the upper teeth (more than half their length),

- open - upper and lower teeth do not close,

- cross - underdevelops either the upper dentition or the lower,

- Dystopia - in the dentition the teeth are not in their proper places.

The formation of the occlusion passes through five periodsDevelopment of the child. Violation of the right course of at least one period leads to the development of an incorrect bite or to other anomalies in the development of the jaw as a whole.

1 period - from birth to six months (the period of newborns),

2 period - from six months to three years (the formation of temporary bite - the teeth are pricked),

3 period - from three to six years (growth of jaws and preparation for eruption of permanent teeth),

4 period - from six to twelve years (active growth of the jaw and eruption of permanent teeth),

5 period - from twelve to fifteen years (all milk teeth change to permanent, and a permanent bite develops).

It has long been noted that the development of the jaw in childrenDepends on genetic features. The structure of the child's jaws, its features are transmitted from the parents. In addition, problems with bite occur in children with a disturbed normal nasal breathing. Therefore, we must pay attention to how the child breathes. In time, treat a cold.

Many babies like to suck finger, tongue or lips. Such habits negatively affect the development of bite and therefore parents need to fight them. And of course once again we will tell everyone the well-known truth, about how harmful a dummy is and its long-term use. A dummy disturbs the normal development of the teeth.

What causes the wrong bite of the mouth ?. Your teeth are under increased strain when chewing, and over time, somewhere between thirty and forty years, it becomes clear that the teeth begin to stagger. You have periodontal disease. If the occlusion is wrong, the disease of temporomandibular joints occurs. This is expressed in headaches and clicking when opening the mouth, as well as painful sensations in the chewing muscles.

Wrong bite it and cosmeticChanges in the profile of your face, ugly smile with crooked teeth. All this should make you want to fix everything, and to find time and strength for this, as well as the means to visit a doctor.

A visit to a doctor is necessary not only in connection withA change in a person's aesthetics, but also to solve health problems. If there is inflammation of the gums (periodontal disease) in the oral cavity, suitable conditions for the development of microbes are created. From the mouth microbes easily enter your digestive tract and cause various diseases.

At present, modern dental clinics offer bite correction services. Although this is a complex and gradual process, consisting of several stages, but the result is worth it.

What stages do you have to go through with this treatment?

- Diagnosis (panoramic image, sanitation of the oral cavity with remineralizing therapy and removal of calculus),

- treatment by removable and non-removable devices,

- the installation of braces (individual selection for size, shape and thickness for each tooth), the duration of treatment with braces from six months to two years.

When treatment should be under constant supervisionIn the orthodontist. At this time, it becomes important to observe oral hygiene. It is necessary to brush your teeth after each meal and much more carefully than before. It is also necessary to undergo a regular examination with a hygienist.

After treatment must passRecovery period. It is aimed at stabilization after the treatment. Doctors believe that the duration of the recovery period should be almost equal to, and even much more than, the period of the treatment itself. During the recovery period, removable or removable traditional orthodontic plates are used. Remember that the result of treatment depends not only on the strength of the doctor, but also on the patient himself - on his attitude to the treatment process.

Often, patients ask themselves whether it is worthTo correct bite. If the wrong bite is expressed in the curvature of one or two teeth, then this is basically an aesthetic problem. In most cases, the situation is much more serious and then an incorrect bite becomes a threat to your health. If the teeth are bored because of an incorrect bite, this will lead to their general weakening. There is a severe lesion of caries. As a consequence, your teeth will be destroyed, and you will lose them, and prosthetics will be quite complicated. Therefore, you should always visit a doctor. At present, there are no unsolvable bite problems. If previously believed that the bite can be corrected only in childhood, then today there are enough techniques for the treatment of adults. However, in adolescence, such treatment is certainly much easier. Parents should carefully consider their children and if an orthodontist examines the baby before teething, the problem will be solved through various procedures and simulators. Sometimes a special orthopedic nipple is prescribed.

Today we talked about what can lead toIrregular bite of the mouth. So, the wrong bite is not only not beautiful, but it can also bring tangible harm to your health. Therefore, consult a doctor and correct the bite. It is never too late to take this step, as doctors say, as long as you still have your teeth. And yet the sooner you start the treatment, the better.

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