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Sudden Allergy: Causes and Methods of Treatment

1. Lover

Sometimes, if sperm enters the skin,red, itchy spots. And right after oral sex, a woman has to run to wash herself, otherwise her face turns into a red mask ... Allergy "to men" occurs in 12% of women, and some - for all. Irritation is caused by proteins that make up the sperm. This unusual allergy can be suspected if within 30 minutes after each intimate affinity develops difficulty breathing, hives, or even swelling Quincke. Reaction to the male sperm means that the woman's immunity does not work well. And getting pregnant in this case will be difficult.

What to do. Treatment, as with pollinosis, isallergen-specific immunotherapy or autolymphocytotherapy. But resort to him a few. Some are satisfied with "love with a condom," while others simply change partners to "hypoallergenic." By the way, pay a visit to the gynecologist: perhaps, under the guise of an allergy, there is a sexually transmitted infection.

2. Gold

Sometimes under the golden necklace the skin turns red, itches andit is covered with a rash, the ear lobes swell from the earrings, and the ring seems to dig into the finger ... These are the most frequent complaints of allergy victims for gold. Irritation on the skin develops not immediately, after 7-14 days, and does not immediately disappear. Another week after you remove the ill-fated ring, the skin will itch and burn. Allergens are impurities that are added to jewelry gold for giving the decorations strength and the right shade. More often it is nickel, less often copper, zinc (red, yellow gold). Even "dental gold" for prosthetic teeth contains only 90% of precious metal. And there are cases of allergic reaction to freshly installed gold dentures: redness and swelling of the oral mucosa, burning sensation, sores at the place of contact, acidity. To avoid such troubles, it is worthwhile in advance to make provocative assays for the safety of your precious metal. Silver, platinum and palladium allergy are not seen.

What to do. Methods of treatment are unknown. This allergy is not treated. Just choose jewelry from gold at least 750-th test (75.0% gold), go to silver and platinum or even refuse them in favor of absolute naturalness.

3. Fur coat

It happens: a sheep does not live at home, do not breed rabbits, and sneezes all winter and eyes water ... If you have a sudden allergy to dander or animal hair, then it is possible, there is an allergy to the fur coat. She, of course, does not suffer from dandruff, but the fur fibers are the real allergen. Muton coat, sand cap, fox collar, prickly sweater of coarse wool and even a sheep blanket - anything can be the cause of your troubles.

What to do. To join the ranks of the defenders of nature and switch to artificial fur.

4. Champagne

Start sneezing as soon as you swallowchampagne? Everyone laughs, but you feverishly think, what kind of illness is this? In this case it is necessary to be checked up at the allergist "on mushrooms". To those who, along with the first spring streams, begin to flow from the nose, too. These allergens are also found in products that use yeast and molds (champagne, cheese with mildew, kvass), and in moldy undergrowth from spring under the snow. Mushroom colonies are often captured even by humidifiers and air conditioners.

What to do. Take antihistamines,that they do not treat allergies, but only relieve its symptoms when exacerbated. There is no allergy vaccine against fungi. But the method of autolymphocytotherapy is quite effective. A number of lymphocytes are extracted from the patient's blood, which are processed so that they are able to store information on previously encountered allergens. These cells are administered subcutaneously in increasing doses. So there is the formation of immunity to substances that used to cause a severe allergy. This method is in addition to specific immunotherapy, and sometimes even can replace it, if some reasons exclude it.

5. Pot

It happens: for a kind of chant like age is not the same, you do not suffer from eczema, but you do not need to use an antiperspirant, as the spots appear on the body ... This can be a manifestation of a sudden allergy, the causes and methods of treatment are set out below. This is the so-called pseudoallergic reaction to sweat. It can not cause true allergies, because it is 99% water, and also dissolved in it mineral substances, hormones, glucose, etc. So (usually in men) there is an infectious disease of the skin - erythrasm, whose manifestations resemble an allergy . In large folds of the skin (interannual, interdigital, under the breast, under the knees, etc.), pink or red spots appear, smooth, with small scales. They almost do not itch (if the disease is not started), and the poet easily sees them.

What to do. Without treatment, which uses a variety of ointments, salicylic and camphor alcohol, you can not do without. The benefit does not last long: the spots pass almost immediately after the beginning of active therapeutic actions.

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