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Calculation of the menstrual cycle in women

Why do you need a woman's menstrual cycle?

Experts insist that a woman needsNot just know the approximate dates of your cycle, but also be sure to keep a diary in which she will record data on menstruation. These data subsequently allow a woman to be protected from an unplanned pregnancy, or vice versa, to conceive a child more likely.

The best time to conceive a baby is ovulation

If you are planning to conceive a child, it's better thanPeriod of ovulation, no. This is true even a day after ovulation. Some experts add to this time one more day, because of the possible error in the calculations. The viability of the spermatozoon is approximately five days, therefore the sexual act, which can lead to conception, is quite possible for a couple of days before ovulation. To properly calculate the period of ovulation, you need to know the "callsign" ovulation.

Ovulation you can recognize by the pains belowStomach in the middle of the menstrual cycle, the vagina secretes a lot of mucus, and perhaps a strong sexual attraction. Confirmation that ovulation is taking place can be obtained using a test at home (such a test can be purchased at a pharmacy), you can also use ultrasound diagnostics or measure basal temperature in the rectum (your gynecologist can tell you how to do it).

Women who want to have children are compulsoryShould remember that alcoholic beverages and tobacco smoke contribute to a slower maturation of the follicle, and later on the development of progesterone, the necessary hormone for the first weeks of pregnancy, have a negative impact. An important role is played by nutrition: it is strongly recommended to reduce the amount of meat in the diet, and to focus on vegetable food - fresh vegetables and fruits.

An important factor for a woman is safe sex. When a woman is well aware of the characteristics of her menstrual cycle, she can use this knowledge to engage in safe sex.

The time in which there is the opportunity to engage in safe sex, consists of two periods:

The period of relative sterility is consideredThe first half of the cycle of menstruation, before ovulation, during this period of the egg in the body of women are absent; But the period is relative, because there is a possibility that the spermatozoon can "wait" for the maturation of the egg due to long-term viability.

The period of absolute stability is the period,Which begins approximately three days after the day of ovulation and the end of the menstrual cycle; There are no eggs in this period and its appearance will not be soon, on the basis of this, spermatozoa have no chance of "waiting" for it.

What is the menstrual cycle? This is a complex of physiological changes that occur every month in the body of a woman from the moment of puberty. Basically, the duration of the cycle is 28 days. But fluctuations seven days in one or the other side are also possible. Now the beginning of menstruation at the age of 8-12 years is considered normal. The cycle ends in 47 years and maybe even later. These factors are affected by heredity and the general condition of the woman's body. In recent years, reliable information has appeared that the beginning and end of the cycle has shifted to the side of younger age. If in the last century it was considered normal, when the cycle began at 17-18 years, now another trend is observing. The onset of menopause is now more and more often found in women up to the age of forty. There are cases when this process can begin in 35. It is possible that these processes can be influenced by environmental factors, some cyclic processes or geomagnetic factors of our planet, but the fact of this remains unchanged.

Calculation of the menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle is a combination of phases,Which occur in the endometrium and ovaries. The task of the menstrual cycle is to prepare the woman's organism for conception. The first day of the onset of menstruation is the first day in the cycle. Endometrium is accompanied by a monthly bleeding, there is a rejection of the layer that lining the uterine cavity. In the ovaries the process of maturation of the follicle is under way. The duration of ripening is approximately two weeks, with an error of three days in one or the other side. Following this, the follicle is broken due to the action of prostaglandins and progesterone, and the mature egg, the phase of ovulation, is released, and at the same time the layer of the endometrium becomes leaner, the phase of proliferation. The duration of these phases is about 2-3 days.

The final phase is called the secretory orLuteal, which lasts approximately 13-14 days. The phase is accompanied by the maturation of the glands in the endometrium, marked by the onset of secretion. At this point the uterus is ready to receive and place a fertilized egg. In parallel, in the ovaries in the place where the egg leaves the body, a yellow body forms, which in the event of pregnancy produces hormones, which the body needs. The yellow body begins its activity if the pregnancy has occurred.

Such hormones from the yellow body take part inRipening of the placenta. If pregnancy does not occur, then the monthly cycle repeats in a circle. Atrophy in this case is the yellow body, the layer of the endometrium is necrotic and is then rejected.

Data obtained on the basis of calculationMenstrual cycle, a woman is given the opportunity to determine the "safe" days, or planning pregnancy. Take into account the fact that the life span of sperm from one day to three, the duration of the phases of the female cycle - each woman in different ways. Proceeding from this, when protecting against pregnancy, the first 7 days and the last 10 days of the cycle are considered relatively safe, the onset of menstruation marks the first day of the cycle.

Keep in mind that the probability of pregnancy is allEqually remains, even if careful calculations of the menstrual cycle were made. Experts recommend using modern contraceptives. Do not worry if you often have changes in the duration of the cycle, or the monthly ones become more abundant or painful. Your doctor can provide answers to any questions you may have. It is best to go to the gynecologist twice a year for prophylaxis. On the issue of safe contraceptives it is also recommended to consult a doctor. Please note that an overabundance of hormonal drugs is fraught with disability. Do you like the stroke in 30 years? Then carefully read the instructions for use and the section of side effects.

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