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Healing properties immortelle, use and contraindications.

Healing properties of the immortelle

This plant is widely used in recipesTraditional medicine. Cooked decoctions and potions based on immortelle are excellent choleretic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, regenerating and antispasmodic. Already after the first intake of medications from the immortelle due to the normalization of viscosity and the improvement of the bile composition, a significant surge of strength is noted, appetite and efficiency increase. The active components that make up the immortelle lower the cholesterol and bilirubin level in the blood, which so has a beneficial effect on the vascular status and liver function. The richness of vitamins, antioxidants and flavonoids make this plant an excellent tool in the treatment of colds and lung diseases. In addition, these components are able to remove toxins, prevent oxidation, prevent aging.

Many gastroenterologists prescribe a course of treatment with immortelle broths for such diseases as gastritis, stomach ulcer, constipation, colitis.

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Contraindications to the use of immortelle

As with any medicine, this plant also hasThere are a number of contraindications. These include hypotension (low blood pressure) and increased acidity of the stomach. Do not also abuse the broth from the immortelle, since the components of this herb have the property of accumulating in the body, which increases the burden on the kidneys and liver. During pregnancy, breastfeeding, prior to treatment, a doctor's consultation is necessary.

Recipes of traditional medicine

For the treatment of diseases of the stomach, liver andCholagogue preparation is prepared by decoction on a steam bath. To do this, 2-3 spoons of dried flowers immortelle must be filled with a glass of boiling water and hold for about half an hour in a water bath. Drink 3 times a day before eating.

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In inflammatory processes will be usefulAlcoholic tincture of the immortelle. To do this, 20 grams of dry grass should be filled with a glass of alcohol or vodka. Insist for about 10 days in a dark cool room. For internal reception, one tablespoon is bred in 200 ml of water. Drink on an empty stomach. In addition, this tincture is an excellent means for reducing acne. Wipe your face no more than once a day, after washing.

In fact, this miracle plant can often beTo meet directly under your feet, but now you will not pass by, knowing how many medicinal properties the immortelle conceals. As you can see, even the title speaks for itself.

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