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Headache in the temporal region

First, I must say that the cause of the pain inTemples are always, serious or not, but the pain in the temples is always a signal that something is wrong in our body. When we have a headache, we most often associate this with the fact that it was a difficult day, we were nervous, and generally want to leave. Quite rightly, temporal pain is most often a symptom of general fatigue, fatigue and even excessive exercise. In today's frenzied rhythm of life, we are regularly surrounded by irritants: transport, construction sites, sirens of cars and speedy services, a strict boss or colleagues, computers, televisions, telephones, family problems and so on and so forth. Stress is everywhere around us, and as a result - sore whiskey.

In this case, there are a few simple tips, andPain, the source of which is fatigue, will retreat necessarily. For example, the easiest way is to rest, sit on the couch, if you can lie down better. The main thing is that you can completely relax for 10-15 minutes, put one hand on the back of the head, and the other on the forehead and close your eyes. It will be better if you tie a sick head with a towel, this method is known for centuries. These tips will be effective if there really is a reason for fatigue and overwork. But if the pain does not stop or is accompanied by other symptoms that spoil our lives, such as fatigue, muscle pain or even nausea?

Then the reason is much deeper, and betterAll refer to a specialist for accurate diagnosis. The fact is that the problem can be covered even in the products that we eat. First, coffee, cigarettes, canned foods, fast food and many other food products do not really like our body and as a result - we have a headache. They may contain micronutrients that narrow the blood vessels, or affect blood glucose levels. Most products contain taste enhancers, the most famous of which is sodium glutamate. In fact, he has a lot of names, as manufacturers try to hide his presence in his products, for example under such names as - E621, veijin, taste enhancer and many other variations. Most importantly, it is addictive and its overeating can cause serious disruption in the body. The daily dose for adults should be less than 1.5 g per kilogram of body weight. Children under three years of age are generally better not to give such products, for adolescents - 0.5 grams per kilogram of body weight. To prevent diseases associated with it, it may be sufficient to take vitamin B6 before consuming food, where a large amount of this flavor enhancer can be contained, for example, before going to a Chinese restaurant.

The causes of pain in the temples can be many. At a young age, during adolescence and hormonal adjustment, pain can be caused by a violation of the tone of the vessels, because the body is difficult to cope with the load of active growth. In women, temporal pain can be closely related to the menstrual cycle or the cause is associated with hormonal disorders and with menopause.

Often the cause of pain in the temples can be pathologyTemporomandibular joint. Temporal pain with this disease predominates in the left temple, occiput and can extend to the shoulders or shoulder blades. Symptoms such as grinding your teeth or squeezing your jaws can cause muscle pain, which in turn causes headaches. Or as an option, the temporal nerve was chilled, it could happen during a cold or because of drafts.

A single recommendation for getting rid of pain inTemples, such that would fit in all cases and forever could solve this issue does not exist. If the pain becomes unbearable or regular, consult a specialist neurologist or toxicologist. The toxicologist will help to determine whether the pain is the result of excess of the norm of harmful substances. The neurologist can find the reason if it lies in the plane of stress or depression.

Are you suffering from a headache in the temporal region? In any case, try to reduce all the stresses to a minimum, eliminate harmful foods from the diet and diversify it with fresh vegetables or fruits. More rest and breathe fresh air.

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