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Foods harmful to health

What can be harmful to dumplings?
Well, let's start with the fact that because of the combination of meat andDumplings themselves are harmful. Any doctor a nutritionist will immediately say that such a combination of the stomach will be difficult to digest. On the package you will not find, as such additives, so the question can only raise the freshness of meat, which is used in dumplings.

Some manufacturers add to the productsVegetable protein and very often genetically modified. It poses no danger to most people, but if people have a glutein illness, then a deterioration is possible. Such a diagnosis will put only a doctor.

What is harmful fish and meat semi-finished products?

This includes minced meat, stuffed cabbage, ready-made cutlets andetc. But manufacturers for the sake of economy break the recipe, use less valuable meat, and sometimes poor quality meat, add vegetable protein and fat, which are cheaper than poor quality meat. In addition to the semi-finished products add preservatives and dyes, which are hazardous to health. Often the quality and taste of semi-finished products strongly depend on the price.

What is harmful crab sticks?
This product has nothing to do withCrabs, and it's not at all clear why they got such names, but that's not the point. The basis of crab sticks are different dyes and purified fish protein, stabilizers, thickeners, taste improvers, vegetable and egg protein, preservative and other inedible. Do I need to say that there are no vitamins in the crab sticks?

What are harmful sausages, sausages, boiled sausage
What are cooked sausages made of? This is such a case when you better not know and do not think about it, it just becomes scary from the list of ingredients.

We will not recall the quality of toilet paper andMeat, forget about the dyes, but remember the GMO (products that are derived from genetically modified organisms). But not all manufacturers on their labels indicate the presence of such things. And most importantly, the most interesting, among them there are very popular and quite expensive brands of sausage.

It is not necessary to talk about the harm of GMOs. We know that GMO is especially dangerous for pregnant women, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects, the body accumulates foreign proteins, decreases immunity, allergic reactions appear.

Some unscrupulous producersUse minced meat, which is made from ground bones with the remains of meat. Sometimes for the production of cooked sausage, spoiled poor quality meat is used, which is subjected to disinfection. Than it is disinfected? Better we do not know. The fact is that such substances enter our body, and the taste of the sausage is blocked by additives.

The composition of cooked sausage has soy protein, andIt is often genetically modified. The same ingredients are found in sausages, sausages and other types of sausage. The only difference is in the processing methods.

What is harmful margarine?
This type of product is no longer used in nutritionServicemen who tried a lot. Make margarine from lard and oleomarganine. The latter product is harmful to the body, because such a substance is not a natural product.

Nutritional supplements that are harmful to health
You can stigmatize food for a long time. But in conclusion, you can list the food additives that you need to avoid, and which are extremely harmful.

Sodium nitrate
Often sodium nitrate is added to sausages, ham, bacon and so on. Sodium nitrate is a carcinogenic substance, so it can cause cancer.

They are added to chips, chewing gum and breakfast cereals. They represent oxidants that can cause reactions that will lead to cancer.

Propyl gallate
It is added to ready-made soups, meat semi-finished products, to chewing gum. This remedy can lead to cancer.

Glutamate sodium
This is a very famous food additive. Used everywhere, where possible, enhances the taste and smell. Can lead to diseases of the nervous system, nausea, headaches. The problem is that this additive is getting used to, and the products without it seem simply tasteless.

It is a sweetener. Often used in dietary nutrition. In some cases, it can provoke the development of cancer, badly affects the nervous system, can cause diarrhea.

Prohibited E-supplements
Among the preservatives and dyes, there are those that are banned from consumption. These include many food additives of group E: 103, 105, 111, 121, 123, 125, 126, 130, 152, 240.

Very dangerous additives include E: 103, 104, 122, 141, 150, 171, 173 and others.

Now instead of them write their names, orGrouped. It can be written "flavored artificial additives", understand what the producer could add. Harmful food additives, other chemicals, stabilizers, dyes, can cause the most common diseases: allergic reactions, headaches, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, and in rare cases, cancers.

You met food thatHarmful to health. And, despite all the harmfulness of margarine, semi-finished products, crab sticks, ravioli, sausages and other products, we are unlikely to give them up and continue eating them. It's delicious. Perhaps that's why we often suffer from nervous illnesses, dysbiosis, gastritis and other sores, and our children are allergic?

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