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Walnut oil, useful properties

Squeeze the oil is, of course, from the kernels of the GreekNut. It would be ridiculous to squeeze it from the shell. The resulting oil has a very pleasant taste, and a light divine nutty flavor can once and for all make you love this oil.

In addition, in relation to many othersVegetable oils, nut oil has a much higher amount of saturated fatty acids. The walnut oil contains unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic and linolenic acids, vitamin P), vitamins of group A, vitamins of group E, carotenoids (substances containing carotene), C, vitamins B, macro- and microelements such as zinc and Copper iodine, calcium, necessary to maintain the strength of bones, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, as well as biologically active substances.

Thanks to its refined taste,Nuts are very often used in cooking. With the help of walnut oil, delicious salads, cold snacks, and oriental dishes are prepared. In addition, occasionally walnut oil is used as grill oil or frying products. Sometimes the walnut oil is added to the bread, thus giving bread a very peculiar and very memorable taste.

However, all applications in cooking are good forPeople who like to eat, but how about people who love to heal? After all, they also want to find some kind of application for this oil. And the application was found. Walnut oil is also very widely used in medicine, disease prevention. The most important thing that gives the walnut oil the medicinal properties is the high content of vitamins in it. It is this component that increases the tone of the body, as well as contributes to the stabilization of the protective immune system.

77% of the oil from walnutPolyunsaturated fatty acids, which can not be replaced by anything. Walnut oil is one of the record-keeping substances in the content of a very important vitamin E. Walnut oil has a very important property: it improves and stabilizes the metabolism, which is extremely useful for people recovering from complex diseases, and also useful for people taking , Who recently underwent surgery.

However, that's not all. Oil of walnut has tremendous anti-inflammatory properties, which give tremendous results in record time. Walnut oil is often prescribed for the treatment of skin inflammations, mucous membranes, burns, and similar diseases. Anti-inflammatory properties are that the oil provides a full exchange in affected tissues.

In addition, the oil from the kernels of the walnut is beautifulProtects against the influence of carcinogenic substances, that is substances causing cancer. Also this remarkable oil increases the body's resistance to radiation exposures, and promotes the release of radionuclides. Also, the oil has antitumor properties.

Besides all that said, walnut oilSuccessfully applied repeatedly for the treatment of atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases, as well as chronic colitis and otitis. Also, walnut oil is one of the best diabetic foods. Being easily digestible, this oil is present in many diets for many years.

The oil of walnut has a very impressiveCosmetic action. This oil has long been a part of a variety of cosmetics, including: anti-wrinkle cream, suntan lotion, hand and face cream, as well as personal care products.

You can use walnut oilPractically in any sphere. As mathematicians and physicists would say: it is universal, albeit expensive. However, it is not for nothing that the nuts are called walnuts, and the oil is squandered for good reason. They say, they say, everything is in Greece. Both a walnut and its oil show that in fact these nuts have a little bit of everything, a real Greek!

Now you know how important the walnut oil is, the useful properties of which will find application in your family!

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