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How to lose weight in the winter without diet and fitness

The way to lose weight without diets, you can use,When in winter you need to adjust your weight a little. Many people recover in winter, by 1 or 1.5 kilograms. The essence of such a diet is that a normal dinner is replaced with a glass of low-fat kefir, then after 2 hours, it is already closer to bedtime to drink another glass of kefir and eat a pear or an apple. At the same time, the feeling of hunger is not felt. In this diet, breakfast, lunch, a mid-morning snack is eaten in full, for dinner a glass of kefir. The diet is high-grade, there are no restrictions. Within reasonable limits, there are sweet, flour, fruits, vegetables, meat.

If within a week adhere to thisMode, which can be without tedious calculation of calories and all sorts of torments to lose 1 kilogram of weight. And what prevents you from sticking to this diet for a month to achieve a serious task, probably this is a good diet.

In large portions, a person simply overloads hisOrganism. To work out the calories eaten and stay slim, a person should be very active. And heavy loads wear out the body. What is the use of all this? Can it be better to eat moderately and move accordingly?

Never eat while reading a book or browsingTV shows. In this case, you mechanically send food to your stomach, then when your attention is directed not at all. You just can eat more of your norm. After all, eating is an ancient ritual, and you do not need to confuse it with anything.

Holidays also affect our figures, andAt least half a centimeter in volume, many of us added. Do not be under the delusion if they say that it's only water, there will be half water, and the rest is still the same hateful fat. How can you lose weight and get rid of it? This will help our advice, as well as your desire to lose weight. All this will force you to take your feet and start working on yourself.

Down with the diet
An important advice to lose weight is to remove hunger and diet from your life. On the Internet, you can find recipes for different diets, there are also mentions that hunger strikes and diets are harmful to the body.

First, they are harmful in that often the dietDiets are not balanced, and this will lead to sad consequences. Secondly, we perceive a diet, not as a kind of food, but as some temporary phenomenon that needs to be experienced, and then again to return to the normal diet. But you can not starve for several days, and then eat everything, while remaining beautiful and slender. The organism, exhausted by a diet, starts to gain its weight quickly, so diets and help only for a short time to lose weight.

The best advice to lose weight is to develop a habit of eating right. When you eat right, excess weight simply goes away by itself.

On holidays we eat wrong, in the afternoon stomachEmpty, but we are full in the evening and at night. But the enzymes work the old way, from 7.00-15.00, they split the food, thereby turning it into energy, and after 21.00, everything that entered the body becomes fat. Therefore, dieticians advise not to turn into a tradition of night stuffing the stomach, and return to the usual rhythm of life. And if you want to eat something high-calorie, sweet, fat, then you need to do it before 15.00, or, in extreme cases, until 21.00. After all, at night the body should rest, but not work, digesting food.

Aesthetics of food intake.
Why do we go to restaurants and cafes? And all because food is not only a physiological need, but also a way to make your life more pleasant and beautiful. But you can also eat at home beautifully. These tips will help you lose weight.

- Get yourself a little plate. - let it be green or blue. There is a need more often, but less, so that one meal is not more than 200 or 250 ml. If you eat this way, you can reduce the volume of the stomach, and the bouts of hunger will not be so terrible.

- The rule of one plate, no additive.

- The meal should take 20 minutes. Know that after 20 minutes, the brain getsSignal about saturation, and you no longer want to eat. But in these 20 minutes, you can eat as much as you need, or you can eat and eat a lot. The whole question is how you will eat all this, slowly or very quickly, choking on big chunks.

- Service. Even if you eat alone, decorate your dishes beautifully. This will raise your spirits, and you just will not want to eat anything.

- Become a gourmet. Feel the taste of food, its flavor, enjoy every piece of food. As slowly as possible chew food. Nutritionists are advised to do 30 chewing movements before you can swallow food.

You probably know that stress contributes to a set of excess weight, so relax and lose weight, following these tips.

- When you cook, you need to invest in foodThe maximum positive energy. And these are not empty actions, so we can bring the body of close people, as well as tangible benefits to our body.

- It is better not to eat when you have a bad mood,You and will pull to "seize" emotions, eat something harmful. And, besides, when you eat in a bad mood, you charge your bad mood with food, and as if you pass this mood to food. This will not do any good.

- You should not eat in front of the TV. They always show something exciting, and the hand reaches for a high-calorie and crunchy meal. Or when you see something frightening, unpleasant, want to calm down and again stuff your mouth with something tasty. Approximately the same mechanism when you eat in front of the monitor. During a meal, look in yourself - enjoying the full moment of eating.

- When you eat, think about something pleasant. Namely about the food itself. Be "now" and "here". Psychologists advise you to fix your attention on food intake, since I eat it, it's delicious.

Water and food
An important role for losing weight is played by water - itGives us strength, cleanses the body, speeds up the metabolic processes. For a day you need to drink at least 2 liters of water, but better and more. To lose weight you need to drink not ordinary water, but water with ice. Then the body needs to spend calories to warm this water. Scientists estimated that if you drink 2 liters of ice water per day, so, in a month you will burn 2000 calories. It's a lot, and it cost you nothing.

You need to drink between meals, but not immediately afterFood, water can not dilute the gastric juice. The only thing you need and can do is drink a glass of green tea before eating. Some experts say that green tea will have a tremendous effect, and give this advice for weight loss. Moderately drink 3 hours before bedtime - this will help you prevent swelling.

Buy food wisely
Plan the menu in advance. Some have managed to plan the menu and in advance buy food for a week. They can not lose weight and keep their weight. Make a list of the products you need to buy and go to the store with this list. Thus, you will get rid of extra calories and extra expenses. If you do not know what to buy, focus on the famous people that they eat.

For products it is better not to go to the supermarket, but inUsual shop, to the market. Proved that the abundance of goods, forcing to buy something extra, and then it's too much to eat. Do not go hungry for food. Because the hand of a hungry person reaches out to a sweet and high-calorie, it is these products that are the fastest way to satisfy hunger. If there is no time to eat, then have a drink, at least water, this will help.

It's real, to lose weight without fitness and diets, althoughThis process will be very lengthy. Forget that without exercise and diets it is impossible to lose weight. And the duration of this process already depends on how much you want to lose a kilogram. At the same time, you will gradually lose weight, naturally, and the body will adapt to the new form. The result will be persistent, the weight will not "gallop" and stop at one level.

The first way is to reduce the food consumed. Eat what you want, but at the same time reduce the amount. How to do it all?
1. Breakfast should be fairly dense and without restrictions. What is eaten for breakfast is absorbed completely and not put off in fat.
2. With lunch, you need to do otherwise. If before dinner consisted of 3 dishes, now limit to one. Quite enough will be the plates of meat home soup with bread. You can choose the second dish, and from the soup and salad should be discarded. Then the second dish can be anything your soul desires. The food will be high in calories, but the portion should be small.
3. Supper should be low-calorie and smallVolume. If you do not miss lunch and breakfast, then it will be easy to do this. For dinner, you can not eat fatty meat dishes, such as dumplings, pilaf, they can be eaten at lunch. Let them have boiled eggs or fried eggs with a slice of bread, a salad or cottage cheese, or a sandwich with tea. But not all together, only or - or. Later you can eat a fruit, it will add to you a feeling of satiety and fill the place in the stomach.

The main number of calories you will consumeIn the first half of the day, when metabolic processes take place in the body quickly, and by the evening metabolism slows down, and you also reduce consumption. Everything is very logical.

Never skip breakfast and lunch, youCan be an easy snack. If during the day you eat normally, by the evening there will be no feeling of hunger. It is necessary to limit the consumption of alcohol, it stimulates the appetite.

If it's time for dinner, and you are not yet hungry, still eat something purely symbolically. Just if you do not do this, you'll want to eat before going to bed. And this is undesirable.

At first you will feel that you are hungry, willThere is a feeling of discomfort, but it will be felt the first 7 or 10 days. The body is remarkable because it quickly adapts itself and gets used to everything. You will not have any further difficulties and you will like it all. The main thing is that it becomes a habit and after a few months you will see results.

You can continue to go, the food that you eat inLunch, you can reduce the serving size. For example, a portion of dumplings. Take both your hands and put them together with a pot, this will now be the size of your serving. And in fact, if a person is not engaged in physical labor, fitness, is not an athlete, this should be his portion.

For sure there are other ways, how can you lose weight in the winter without diet and fitness. But whichever way you choose, you need to make it your habit, and then you will succeed. The choice is yours.

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