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How does an abortion affect a woman's health?

Abortion, this word came from the Latin language and is translated, how to interrupt or throw out. From a medical point of view, this is the termination of pregnancy in the early period.
Abortions can be artificial and spontaneous.
• Artificial abortion is performed by a medicalPersonnel in the hospital, with the help of medications or instruments. As a rule, artificial termination of pregnancy, made at the request of the woman herself, or on the medical indicators of the health of the future mother or future child.
• Spontaneous abortion or miscarriage happens without the woman's particular desire.
In essence, an abortion is very dangerousSurgical intervention, which carries a series of unpleasant, and sometimes life-threatening complications. Physicians have long known how abortion affects the health of women, and in this regard, the consequences of abortion are usually divided into:
Consequences arising immediately after medical intervention or after the first week. Such consequences include:
• Great blood loss.
• Rupture of the walls of the uterus, this complication is typical when not having a first abortion, or when performing an abortion not by experienced doctors.
• Filling in the uterine cavity with blood, due to violations associated with contraction of the uterus muscles or in case of problems with blood coagulability.
• The onset of painful labor accompanied byBlood loss and a decrease in contractile muscle function in the walls of the uterus. The causes of these symptoms are not qualitative removal of the placenta or fetal particles. To remove these symptoms, repeated scraping of the uterine cavity and ultrasound of the uterus is required.
• As a result of the abortion, the fetus may not retire at all from the uterus, although it will be already dead. This is one of the most common variants of incomplete abortion.
• Due to abortion,Multiple ruptures and cracks on the surface of the cervix, this is due to the fact that in the normal state of the uterus during pregnancy, the muscles of the walls of the cervix do not contract to maintain pregnancy, and during surgery they lose their integrity.
Complications appear after 1 week or 1 month after the abortion.
• Sepsis caused by ingress of infectious microorganisms into the body, which enter all organs and tissues, infecting the body's weight.
• Metroendometritis, a disease characterized by the inflammatory process of the muscles and the mucosal surface of the uterus, is most often associated with the remaining parts from the placenta and fetus.
• Adnexitis, inflammation in the uterine appendages, characterized by purulent discharge, fever, severe pain in the lower abdomen and in the lumbar region or sacrum.
• Inflammatory processes of various organsThe abdominal cavity, as a rule, the process of treatment and recovery in such complications is very complex and lengthy, requiring rehabilitation spa treatment.
The consequences of abortion, manifested after the first month, are:
• Changes in the menstrual cycle.
• Inflammatory diseases of all organs of the reproductive system of a woman, as well as of other organs of the abdominal cavity.
• Formation of adhesions in the fallopian tubes and ovaries, as a consequence of the inflammatory processes that took place in them after abortion, and as a result, severe and slightly infertile infertility.
• Breast cancer, especially this disease are susceptibleNulliparous women doing abortion. Since the first pregnancy triggers the formation of new special cells in the mammary glands responsible for the synthesis of milk, and termination of pregnancy leads to the fact that these not completely rebuilt cells can degenerate into malignant tumors. The risk of degeneration of these cells becomes larger if the intervals between pregnancies are very long.
• Do not bear fruit.
• Premature birth
• Ectopic pregnancy, due to obstruction of the fallopian tubes.
• Consequences of the psychological plan:
  1. Alcohol consumption.
  2. Lack of appetite.
  3. Desperation.
  4. Bad sleep, with nightmares.
  5. Feeling of guilt, growing into a protracted depression.
• Imbalance in the endocrine system.
• Diabetes.
• Diseases associated with impaired thyroid function
• Oncological diseases of the uterus, cervix, appendages.
• Rhesus conflict in a strong degree in subsequent pregnancy.
Having considered the main aspects of the issue, like abortionWill affect the health of women, remember, there are no safe abortions, in 20% of all abortions performed, there are some complications. The quality of the abortion will depend on the timing of the abortion, on what method it will be used and on what qualifications and experience the doctor who is doing the abortion will have.
Your physical and moral health is in your hands.
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