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Tea with mint, medicinal properties

Mint tea is good Remedy for colds, Firstly. To make it, you need to take 1 tablespoon of dried peppermint leaves, pour 200 ml of boiling water and let it brew for 10 minutes. Then strain and you can drink. Just remember that mint tea can not be drunk as normal.

Mint tea is a medicine. To kid You can make less concentrated tea. To do this, take the same serving of mint (1 tablespoon), pour 500 ml of steep boiling water and let it steep for 1 hour, better wrapped, and then strain. Before use, you can add a little honey, it will be tasty, and useful. Take hot in a half cup. Also this solution can wash the nose. If you give the same tincture to stay longer, watch 2, then you can rinse your mouth to Get rid of the unpleasant smell, Preliminary, of course, straining before use.

Mint tea

If you have fresh leaves, the tea is cookedAs follows: 4 sheets of peppermint pour a cup of boiling water, pre-mint washing and cutting. Wait just a half minute and immediately drain the water. Again pour boiling water. This time, let the mint stay for 2 minutes and you can drink it.

Tea made from mint leaves is also recommended whenIncreased gastric acidity and convulsive colitis, with problems with menstruation, with menopause and during pregnancy. Mint, in this sense, is a universal remedy. It also relieves pain in the abdominal region, and helps with nausea, improves digestion and takes care of your appetite, helps your intestines (with swelling), as well as spasms, colic, etc. etc. In general, if you are concerned about a standard set of symptoms of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, mint is what you need.

Tinctures of mint:

- 1 teaspoon crushed fresh mint leavesOr 2 teaspoons of dried in 200 ml of boiling water. Insist for half an hour, strain and take on a third cup 2 times / day 15-20 minutes before meals. This tincture helps With nausea, to reduce acidity and improve appetite. Also used for gout, avitaminosis, kidney disease.

- 2 tbsp. Spoons of crushed leaves pour 1 cup boiling water, let it brew for 2 hours, strain and can take 1 tbsp. Spoon 2-3 times a day with meals. This broth has Antitoxic action.

- Bloating, nausea in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and pregnancy, Then this recipe will suit you. It is necessary to take 2 tbsp. Spoons of crushed leaves, pour 2 cups of boiling water, let it brew, drain and take half a glass 15-20 minutes before meals 2-3 times a day.

-If you are concerned Abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting, Then brew 1 tbsp. Spoon mint 1 glass of boiling water, let it brew in the heat, better wrapped, 30-40 minutes. Strain and drink 1 tbsp. Spoon every 3 hours. During vomiting, drink half or a third of the glass. This same infusion because of its strength is also used externally in the form of lotions With rheumatism, arthritis, skin inflammations.

-With menopause: 2 teaspoons of dried leaves pour 500 ml of boiling water and bring to a boil.

Mint has an analgesic property, so it is widely used With headaches and migraines. There are several ways to help yourself when your head hurts: you can put fresh mint leaves to your forehead, bandage and lie down

-in severe migraine attacks, and simplyHeadaches, take a pinch of crushed leaves, 1 teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons grated with lemon rind. The resulting mixture, pour 200 ml of boiling water and drink like tea.

You can also prepare in advance and prepare a tincture that will help you in the future with a headache:

1. On one part of the cut leaves - 20 parts of 70% alcohol. Insist for a week. It is recommended to take 10-15 drops. 20-25 drops per 1 glass of water - with neurologic pain. Also possible with nausea.

2. The second option is to make tincture of mint on triple cologne. Let her stand for 8 days, drain. Squeezing, rubbing the forehead, whiskey and nape

Also mint is used With hypertension as a preventive measure: One part of mint, one part of chamomile and half of valerian. Pour boiling water, filter and drink for a month on a third of glass daily.

Mint is also used for Inhalations, As in the form of grass in the composition with others: Chamomile, eucalyptus, sage, laurel leaf, and as an oil. Peppermint also affects the liver and gallbladder, so it is used for cleaning and removing stones. In addition, in combination with the roots of dandelion mint can be used to treat diabetes mellitus, both choleretic and to improve the performance of the pancreas. To do this, take 1 teaspoon ground dandelion root, 3 teaspoons mint leaves, pour 200 ml of water and boil for 5-7 minutes. Leave to stand under the lid for 30 minutes, then drain. Take 2-4 times / day before meals, a quarter cup.

Pleased with you tea from mint, medical properties have already helped or assisted you? We hope that you will be able to cheer yourself up and get rid of annoying diseases with the help of natural tea with mint!

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