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Wellness effect of sodium chloride baths

Chloride-sodium baths got its nameThanks to the basic chemical elements that form part of the salt used for bath preparation - sodium chloride. By the way, the usual table salt, which we eat, is also sodium chloride by its chemical composition. In addition to these elements (sodium and chlorine), the salt for the preparation of such baths may contain some amount of iodine or bromine. The health effect of sodium chloride baths prepared at home is used for such diseases as radiculitis, neuralgia, gout. Chloride-sodium baths also contribute to the improvement of the functional state of the cardiovascular system. This procedure has a strengthening and tonic effect on the human body.

In addition to the listed health effects,Chloride-sodium baths improve the body's condition with certain metabolic disorders, and especially in the development of overweight and obesity.

So, how can you go through the procedureTaking sodium chloride baths? In seaside resorts, such baths are cooked throughout the year from heated seawater. Also for the preparation of such baths you can use water from salt lakes. And, in addition, chloride-sodium baths can be prepared at home.

The water temperature when sodium chlorideBaths should be about 35 - 36 ºС, and the optimal duration of this procedure is 12 - 15 minutes. The best health effect of these sodium chloride baths is given at a reception with an interval of one day, and one course should include 12 to 15 similar procedures. The concentration of sodium chloride in water should be about 15 to 30 grams per liter. In other words, to prepare a sodium chloride bath with a volume of about 200 liters, it will be necessary to dissolve in water 3-6 kilograms of sea salt (or common table salt). To dissolve the salt is poured into a pouch of gauze and fixed in such a way that it is washed with a jet of hot water when the bath is filled.

After taking a sodium chloride bath, it should be washed with ordinary water, the temperature of which should be 1 -2 ºС below the bath temperature.

Such wellness procedures can beUse for children, but only for those who have already turned 6 months old. For example, in the treatment of rickets, 50-100 grams of salt are taken per ten-liter bucket of water. The water temperature for small children should be about 35 ºС when taking the first health-improving sodium chloride bath, and when the age reaches from 1 to 3 years, the water temperature should be reduced to 32 ºС. The interval for taking baths for such children should be one day. The duration of the procedure should be adjusted within 3 - 10 minutes, while after taking 3 to 4 baths, this time can be increased by 1 minute. The health course for taking sodium chloride baths should include 15 to 20 procedures.

Thus, the healing effect of takingSodium chloride baths can be achieved with the regular acceptance of this procedure both in specialized institutions (sanatoria, health resorts, health centers) and at home.

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