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Treatment of herpes on lips with folk remedies

As already mentioned, the herpes virus manifests itself inA rash in the area of ​​the lips. There are many methods to combat this virus. One of such methods, besides very effective, is the treatment of herpes on the lips with folk remedies.

Treatment of herpes with soot from paper

Although this method is a little strange, itHas established itself as one of the most effective. From the newspaper fold the bag and put on a porcelain plate, which in turn put in a bath or sink. Then the paper is ignited and, without letting it burn to the finish, the remains of paper and ash are smeared off. At the bottom of the plate yellow coating should form. Even a warm patch of grease herpes on the lips. The next day the procedure is repeated, but the dish should not be washed. Such treatment will help to speed up recovery. In addition, if you use this method of folk at the initial stage of the disease, then the herpes may not go into the active phase.

Treatment of herpes with valocordin

Recently, to combat herpes on the lipsUse such a heart drug as valocordin. To do this, the affected areas of the skin every 1-2 hours with this drug. The next day, you can see improvements.

Sulfur for the treatment of herpes

Just a rather unusual method of treating herpesOn the lips, while giving a very good result. For this, the affected areas need to be lubricated with sulfur extracted from the ear. As practice has shown, after two procedures many patients experience improvement.

Aloe or Calanchoe

A leaf of aloe or calanchoe cuts the skin andFlesh is applied to herpes for a couple of minutes. Then refresh the slice and again apply to the rashes. Such a folk way will help to quickly restore the skin and get rid of external manifestations of the virus.

Treatment of herpes with garlic

The use of garlic is also effectiveMethod in the fight against the herpes virus. To do this, the crushed garlic is spread in gauze and applied to the affected areas, after making a tampon. You can fix it with an adhesive plaster. You can also resort to a simpler method of treating garlic, namely, rub the rash with a slice of garlic.

Use of pharmacy drugs to treat herpes on the lips

Very effective against herpes are tincture of propolis, sea-buckthorn and fir oil, tea tree oil. One of these drugs every two hours lubricate the problem areas of the lips.

Treatment of herpes with a hot spoon

A teaspoon is dropped into a cup of hot blackTea until it warms well, and then apply it to herpes. Repeat this procedure several times a day. Very effectively, tea can be replaced with a glass of hot water, in which previously diluted 1 teaspoon of soda.

The cause of exacerbation of herpes is a loweredImmunity, so in addition to the above folk remedies should be used and funds that increase it. So very useful are vegetable juices, especially beet and carrot. These juices can not only improve the immunity, but also restore the skin damaged by the disease. To enhance immunity, it is also good to drink infusions of Echinacea, rhodiola rosea, nettle, broths of hawthorn and dogrose.

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