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What products can increase hemoglobin

The level of hemoglobin can be increased without resorting toUse of medicines. Eating a number of foods will help raise the level of this protein in the blood. But before you find out what products you can increase hemoglobin, we'll talk about the consequences of his deficiency.

Insufficient level of hemoglobin in the bloodLeads to the development of iron deficiency anemia (anemia). As a result, immunity decreases, which in turn increases the risk of developing infectious diseases. For children, this ailment can cause a delay in growth, mental development, negative changes in organs and tissues. The norm is: for men - 130-160 g / l and above, for women - 120-140 g / l, for pregnant women and children under 1 year - 110 g / l.

One of the important components that is involved inConstruction of hemoglobin, is iron. It is because of the lack of this microelement that anemia is called "iron deficiency". It is this type of disease that is most common. According to doctors, more than half of the women of our country suffer from this disease.

Prevention of anemia

The first thing that is necessary for the prevention of anemia,balanced diet. The daily requirement of an organism in iron makes 20 mg, and for pregnant women - 30 mg. At the same time in critical days, the female body loses twice as much of this trace element as men.

First place in the list of products that increaseHemoglobin, takes meat, namely beef. This product ensures the intake of up to 22% of iron in the human body. Pork and veal have a slightly lower indicator. 11% of iron is absorbed when using fish. A high level of iron also in the liver.

To increase hemoglobin, many adviseInclude in the diet of apples, carrots and pomegranates. However, iron, which is part of these products, is not absorbed by the body. But vitamin C, which is found in large quantities in plant foods, helps assimilate the iron contained in the meat. Therefore, meat dishes are recommended for eating with fresh vegetables.

Iron and copper, which also plays an important roleIn the process of hematopoiesis, grains and legumes are rich. But you should know that these products also contain phosphorus compounds such as phytates, which interfere with the body's absorption of iron. Reduce the number of phytates can be by germination, soaking and grinding of these crops.

For better assimilation of iron, after consuming food rich in this trace element, you can drink a glass of orange juice. Thus, the amount of digested iron can be doubled.

The best assimilation of iron helps and fructose, which in sufficient doses is contained in honey. In this case, more useful microelements are in dark honey.

It should minimize the use of coffee andTea. Tannin, which is contained in these drinks, as well as phytates, blocks the absorption of iron. You can replace them with freshly squeezed juices and compotes from dried fruits.

When anemia, for cooking, it is recommendedTo use cast-iron dishes. As shown by experiments, cooking and boiling the sauce for 20 minutes in such a bowl, contributes to an increase in the amount of iron 9 times.

People with reduced hemoglobin should often be in the open air. On weekends, if possible, you should go out of town.

Finally, it should be remembered that the excess in the blood of iron is much more dangerous than its lack. Therefore, the use of the above products should be in moderation.

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