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Orange juice, healthy properties

It is believed that the homeland of the orange is SouthernChina. From there, in turn, he landed in India, then his route continued to Egypt and Syria. To grow oranges, ancient peoples began more than 4,000 years ago, so that an orange can rightfully be called an ancient fruit or a sunny apple!

The pulp of orange fruits contains a largeThe amount of vitamin C (up to 65 mg%), a significant amount of sugar (up to 10%), a lot of mineral salts (for example 200 mg of potassium), organic acids, especially citric acid, as well as pectic substances, B vitamins, Phytoncides, provitamin A, which is better known as carotene, coloring matter, biotin and folic acid.

The most common application of orangeIs the preparation from it of the most delicious and wholesome juice. Orange juice is an effective means of preventing and treating hypovitaminosis due to the vitamins contained in it. It is able to arouse appetite, it is good to quench your thirst in cases of fever, to improve digestion. Especially useful is the intake of orange juice with chronic constipation, hyacid gastritis, lowering cholerization. If you belong to the number of people suffering from chronic constipation, it is recommended to drink orange juice on an empty stomach in the mornings, and also in the evening before going to bed. But there are a number of diseases in which the use of orange juice is extremely undesirable. Such diseases include duodenal ulcer and gastric ulcer, gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice, as well as exacerbations of inflammatory bowel diseases. Of course, to refuse such a tasty and loved by all of us drink is not necessary, but it is necessary to control the amount of juice that you drink and it is preferable to dilute the juice with water, in order to reduce its concentration.

Another positive effect of orangeJuice is its ability to improve the emptying of the intestines, which leads to a decrease in the development of putrefactive processes and the reduction of harmful substances that are absorbed into the body. This is due to the large amount of pectin substances contained in orange juice. Also, orange juice is useful in that it contains a significant amount of ascorbic acid, potassium and other no less useful vitamins. Therefore, it is recommended to drink and with such diseases as hypertension, atherosclerosis, liver disease, gout and obesity.

Indispensable useful properties of orange juice andIn the cold season. It can be safely used for the treatment and prevention of colds, with beriberi, which often affects the body in the winter-spring period. Orange juice can strengthen blood vessels, lower high blood pressure (that is, it is useful in hypertension, but they should not be addicted to hypotension). Just juice from the pulp of orange leads to better digestion, helps improve blood composition, is able to activate the brain, increases immunity, kills bacteria, stimulates cellular metabolism, burns excess fats. It is recommended to drink orange juice for a cold and just as a preventative during the day.

But it not only has immunomodulatingProperties, as well as able to remove fatigue, tone up, recharge vivacity. Do not neglect the fact that it is a strong anti-carcinogenic remedy, which is important in our age of civilization and chemistry, which is found everywhere, even in food.

A huge plus for people watching theirFigure and wishing to lose weight, will be that orange juice is one of the most low-calorie juices, and the fact that he is also able to burn fat will become a clear excuse to make a choice in his favor.

You can see how important orange juice, useful properties of which are so beneficial to your body.

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