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Natural delivery or caesarean section - which is better?

1. C-section is a serious operation

It must not be forgotten that this is a seriousInterference in a woman's body, which brings the risk of serious complications. Caesarean section cuts the abdomen and uterus. During the operation, there is a risk of bleeding, and after this - infection of development of thromboembolic diseases, intestinal obstruction or complications of anesthesia. Probably, after cesarean section you will have to stay in the hospital. Many women are concerned that after the birth there will be problems with incontinence. And indeed it is. You should remember that the risk of operative trauma to the bladder or rupture of the uterus is large enough.

2. The passage through the birth canal has a major impact on the development of the child

There are such foolish statements aboutNatural birth or caesarean section, that it would be better not to have them at all. It is believed that the child born by cesarean section will be more beautiful - his head will not deform, the body does not show abrasions and bruises. And yet this is a small advantage compared to the shortcomings. The fact is that when a child passes through the birth canal, the amniotic fluid spontaneously exits from the breast. Babies born naturally are less likely to suffer from respiratory failure or pneumonia. Children who for several tens of hours undergo uterine contractions, experience (strangely enough) positive stress. He has a positive effect and prepares them for the formation of all vital functions. For those kids who have just been removed from the uterus, birth is a great shock. Such children in the future are most often prone to neuroses and mental disorders.

3. Surgery is not the only way to avoid birth pain

If a woman is very afraid of pain during childbirth,That it will be tormented by suffering - birth can be done with anesthesia. For example, with epidural or local perineal anesthesia. For those women for whom cuts can be particularly unpleasant, anesthesia is a reasonable opportunity for cooperation with midwives and facilitating childbirth. Anesthesia, if performed correctly, does not affect the baby.

4. After cesarean it is very difficult to recover

Within 24 hours after delivery you will not be able toGet up, walk, stand upright and take the baby in your arms. It will be difficult for you to find a comfortable position for feeding. In order not to feel pain, you will receive some time painkillers, which in small quantities can get into the milk. Women after cesarean section are more prone to postpartum stress and postpartum depression. Pain after surgery can persecute you for several months, and the severity can not be lifted for several years.

5. After natural delivery, breastfeeding is easier

After cesarean delivery, milk production is usuallyHappens later. When you are weak, you have constant pain after surgery - it is difficult for you to put the baby to the breast. Breast sucking should be started as soon as possible after the birth of the baby. This helps to achieve success with breastfeeding. In addition, the baby himself needs to receive mother's milk from the first minutes of life. After cesarean, you can feed him only the day after the operation. Sometimes caesarean section provokes the non-production of milk.

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