/ / How to tie a children's dress with knitting needles, a master class, schemes. Warm baby dress knitted with needles, video, photo

How to tie a children's dress with knitting needles, a master class, a scheme. Warm baby dress knitted with needles, video, photo

Acrylic 100% 60 g of green and 25 g white and brown colors (total 110 g)
Circular knitting needles No. 2
Hook No. 2.5
Size: 24

Warm baby dress with knitting needles - step by step instruction

Knitting Patterns

"Garter stitch" - only with facial loops. The initial edge loop is removed without tying, and the last one is permanently knitted with the wrong loop.

We make "Vertical Openwork" (the number of loops is a multiple of 3 + 2 edges).

  • 1 row: 1 facial, 1 cape, 2 together facial
  • 2 row: 1 persons., 1 cape, 2 vm. Persons (the custern of the previous row and the next loop).

Further knit only loops of 2 rows.

Crochet Pattern

  1. We make columns with a single crochet.
  2. Sleeves, shoulder and throat (back and forward). On the circular knitting needles we type 34 loops with double strings of green and brown colors.
  3. Sleeves and shoulder part of the right side of the dress. 1 cm handkerchief, 3 cm - "vertical openwork", 2 cm dress code and 8 cm - "vertical openwork". Another 2 rows of garter stitch.


  1. All loops are divided into 3 parts (total 34 loops): 6 + 22 + 6. The middle 22 loops are for the neck.
  2. We knit the first 6 loops with garter stitch.
  3. The next 22 loops are closed, as at the end of the binding and the last 6 loops of the row - garter stitch.
  4. We continue to knit only 6 stitches on the right and left sides of garter stitch with a height of 13 cm each.

  5. Next, 6 stitches are garter stitching, 22 air loops are typed on the right knitting needle, the last 6 stitches are knitted with garter stitch.

Left sleeve, shoulder part

Turn the knitting. 2 rows we make garter stitch, 8 cm - "vertical openwork", 2 cm - "handkerchief", 3 cm - "vertical openwork", 1 cm - "handkerchief".

Bottom of the dress

  1. On the long side of the cloth, we collect 40 loops of green-brown threads.
  2. Next, add 6 rows from each edge of the air loop 3 times. Binding of handkerchief. There are 46 loops on the spoke.
  3. Continue knitting by adding every 5 loops on 1 air loop. Total on the spoke should be typed 54 loops.
  4. Next, we knit the desired length of "vertical diners".

Assemblage of details

Fold in two and tie the edges together.

The neck and the edges of the sleeves - we make the pattern crocheted.

How to tie a baby dress with knitting needles? Easily!

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