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Secrets of the bathhouse

Russian sauna
- a kind of steam bath. In a Russian bath at an average temperature of + 60 + 70 degrees, humidity is 80%. To create a unique spirit of the Russian bath in the steam room use infusions of herbs (mint, eucalyptus) and oils (fir and coniferous), which is very useful for the respiratory system of the body.
You can take a steam bath in a Russian bath sitting or lying down, cover your head with a towel or a special cap, so as not to dry your hair.

The main "tool" of the Russian bath is a broom (birch, oak, linden, etc.)
Body whipping with a broom is a kind ofMassage, enhancing blood circulation and contributing to the subsequent contrast of temperatures for the body, which leads to more intense sweating and increased metabolism.

Finnish sauna - a kind of dry-air bath. The principle of action is dry steam, which Scandinavians consider most useful for the body. In the Finnish sauna, the temperature is +120 degrees and above, and the humidity is only 15%. However, due to the large temperature difference in the main room and in the steam room, the sauna is not suitable for everyone. For untrained people, the contrast of temperatures is a serious strain on the body, so you should bathe in a Finnish sauna gently and for a short time, gradually increasing the time it takes to stay in it.

Turkish steam room - Steam bath, which is considered the most mild in terms of impact.
The air temperature is slightly above + 40 degrees, butThe humidity is 95%. Due to this, when you have just crossed the threshold of a Turkish bath, you start to sweat afterwards, although you do not feel exhausting heat. This gentle glow is acceptable for all lovers of thermal procedures. In the Turkish steam room you can lie or sit, as the steam comes from the numerous holes in the walls and ceiling. This creates a uniform atmosphere throughout the room, in contrast to the Russian bath and the Finnish sauna, where the temperature difference from floor to ceiling is more than 20 degrees.

The sauna relaxes and calms the nervous system, invigorates and stimulates creativity, and cures an easy cold. Choose a bathhouse for your taste and enjoy in Fitness center TERRASPORT!

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