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Possible pregnancy after abortion

Thanks to modern medical techniquesAbortion became safe. Nevertheless, the planning of pregnancy after abortion is a rather laborious task, and, unfortunately, not always successful. When a woman becomes pregnant, hormonal changes take place in her body. The greatest number of hormones begin to work on certain organs (uterus, ovaries).

The body begins a hormonal storm. Both hormonal and immune systems are in imbalance. Naturally, in the future this affects the woman's reproductive health. During abortion, the uterine cavity is expanded by special dilators and scraping is performed. The functional layer of the uterus becomes thinner, sometimes inflammatory diseases occur, which can lead to complications during the next pregnancies, and in the worst case leads to infertility. In no case should you hide from the doctor the fact that you had an abortion. After all, you need more careful and sensitive observation. We list the main difficulties that a future mother, who previously had an abortion, may face.

Improper attachment of the fetal egg

Thinning of the endometrium (inner layer of the uterus). In this case (and also in the presence of inflammation or adhesions) the fetal egg is attached to that part of the uterus where there are no injuries. As a rule, these areas are located in the lower parts of the uterus.

Retarded fetal development

This leads to insufficient admissionNutrients and oxygen to the fetus and, as a consequence, the fetus lags behind in development. This condition is called fetoplacental insufficiency. As a result, the birth of a small child is possible. As a rule, fetoplacental insufficiency can be diagnosed only with the help of ultrasound, obvious external signs are not noticeable. The future mother is put in a hospital (not less than for 4 weeks), then they go on treatment outpatiently. In addition to drug treatment, a full rest is required not less than 10-12 hours a day, reduction of physical and emotional loads, balanced nutrition. Antibodies, getting into the fetal bloodstream, destroy its erythrocytes. This causes anemia (a decrease in hemoglobin), disrupts the functions of vital organs and systems. This condition is called hemolytic disease. In the West, women undergo special therapy after abortion. At us personal psychoanalysts, in most cases, are close people. Talk to your husband, friends, let them support you. After all, even the most hardened skeptics could already make sure that the support of loving people, a positive attitude and a belief in success help to achieve the desired. You must have a baby, believe in it and put maximum effort.

Precautionary measures

Already two weeks after the abortion may occurNext pregnancy. However, doctors do not recommend this because the body of the future mother is still too weak. So, the risk is great, both for the woman herself and for the future child. Gynecologists recommend starting sexual activity 7-14 days after non-surgical abortion and not earlier than 1 month after medication. The gynecologist-endocrinologist will select an individual method of contraception to reduce the hormonal imbalance caused by the interruption of pregnancy, to be protected at first time necessarily, in fact to become pregnant not earlier than 9 months after the abortion. During this time, the body of a woman has time to recover and prepare for a new pregnancy, Mom is gaining strength. Now we know, pregnancy after abortion is possible and how it looks from different points of view.

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