/ How to determine the sex of a child in advance?

How to determine the sex of a child in advance?

Starting from the people's signs and finishingAll sorts of scientific observations in this field. So how can I at least slightly reveal the veil of secrecy? Can you find out how to determine the sex of a child in advance?

Undoubtedly, planning the sex of the child is the most importantA question that worries not only the parents of the future baby, but also the genetic scientists of the whole world. Naturally, to determine sex in advance, based solely on popular beliefs and signs - is unrealistic and not entirely reasonable. A person can do everything in his power, observe all certain recommendations, but still the last word will remain for nature and for, by His Majesty, the case.

The most effective method in questionPlanning of the future child's sex can become artificial insemination, which with an accuracy of up to 90 percent will help all plan and predict. For those who did not dare to resort to the help of modern medicine, but still in the old manner used the usual natural method, there are a number of people's perceptions, which sometimes (especially with diligent suggestion can magically come true). For example, a fairly common belief among expectant mothers is that if a pregnant woman's belly bulges forward sharply - the probability of a boy's birth is great, but if it's not too noticeable and is located in the place where the waist once was, can be seen from the back - girl.

Here are a couple of pretty well-known signs, how to determine in advance the sex of the unborn child:

  1. If your stomach is more bulging in the right side, rather, there will be a boy, whether in the left - Mom wears a girl.
  2. If the areola around the nipple is pinkish, this is evidence that you are expecting a boy, the dark ones are a girl.
  3. You have been tortured by morning toxicosis, which does not give rest and is already pretty fed up - wait for the girl. If everything is more or less normal - a boy.
  4. If during pregnancy you have no reason toFor no reason has the love for all sorts of sweet delicacies increased, which was not particularly observed before, rejoice - you will have a girl. If, on the contrary, it pulls on everything salty and meaty - a boy.
  5. Extra hairs on the belly of a pregnant woman,Which recently appeared, indicate that the boy lives comfortably in this very belly. The reason to believe that there will be a girl is the formed pigmentation.
  6. Listen attentively to the palpitation of your future baby. It beats rhythmically, rapidly - it's a boy. If more slowly, measuredly - probably, you have a girl.
  7. Often there are all kinds of attacksChills and fever during pregnancy. So, people's signs say that if in the early term you are tormented by chills, prepare for the birth of the heir. And if you are for no reason for it, the probability of a girl's birth is great.
  8. To implement the following method for determiningSex of the future baby, you will need a ring and string. Thread the thread into the ring. Hold the construction above your left palm. What's happening? The ring begins to spin backwards - this is for the birth of a boy. If the ring turns round in a circle above your palm - rather, to the girl.
  9. In Japanese beliefs there is a specialThe table for determining the sex of a future child, it is based on the age of the father and matter and on some calculations. In order to take advantage of this technique, you need to divide the age of the mother by three, and the age of the future father - four. At whom the greater remainder has turned out - that and the sex will be your child. In fairness, it should be noted that this method is a bit absurd, because a man and a woman can have a lot of different-sex children, but these calculations will not change and the rest will always be for someone more specific. It is also unclear how to act in situations where the balance is equal, probably this is evidence that you will have twins - a boy and a girl.

You can also try it yourselfPlan the sex of the child before conception, following certain folk wisdom. Below we give the appropriate recommendations for the conception of a particular sex. It should be noted that these tips may seem completely ridiculous, but suddenly someone will help.

So, if you pursue the goal of conceiving a boy, you need:

  1. Open the window or window in the room where the act of conception will be performed
  2. The husband for some reason should be more ardent with desire to want the child, than the wife
  3. The wife must certainly sleep to the left of her beloved husband
  4. To make love better in a standing pose
  5. It is desirable that your man reached orgasm before you
  6. Try not to immediately fall into the arms of Morpheus after making love
  7. It's raining? Postpone conception before the onset of sunny weather

If your goal is to conceive a girl, you should:

  1. Do not slow down with interrupted pregnancy and become pregnant again
  2. Show as much initiative in sex as possible from yourself
  3. Make love more often in the traditional-classical pose (for example, the man from above), while you have to reach orgasm earlier than your partner.
  4. Do not want to wait for sunny weather? Make love in the rain and maybe you will have a girl
  5. Your breasts doubled during pregnancy? Well, probably, you grow a girl
  6. Drink orange juice. Yes Yes. They say that it also contributes to the conception of the girl.

If you are planning a girl, your last love affair should take place two to three days before the time of ovulation.

If the boy enters into your plans, you shouldAbstain from sexual intercourse within a week before the onset of ovulation. Naturally, this will require preliminary preparation. In order to determine in advance the sex of the unborn child, you will need to first learn to determine the exact date of ovulation.

All these methods, of course, will not give you an absolute guarantee for the desired sex of the unborn child, but you can try, you do not lose anything.

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