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Carbohydrate model of the food set

First of all, it should be noted thatThe calorie content of carbohydrates is approximately equal to the caloric content of proteins and at the same time is half the caloric value of fat. However, does this mean that it is unlikely to gain "extra" kilograms due to carbohydrates compared to fats?

It turns out that the prevalence in the diet of carbohydrateThe model of a food set represents a threat to your figure no less than the presence of a large amount of fat in the dishes. The fact is that fats contribute to the formation of excess body weight due to their high caloric content, and carbohydrates - due to their high share in the diet.

Indeed, carbohydrates make up the largestPart of the whole food set, which is part of a person's diet. But most of the energy that our body consumes to perform various motor activities is also released in our digestive tract due to the breakdown of carbohydrates. Therefore, to strictly limit the amount of carbohydrates in the grocery set does not at all, since this does not have the best effect on the body's supply of energy (which is absolutely undesirable in physical education and sports). However, some important requirements for the formation of the carbohydrate model of the food set should still be observed. What are these requirements?

First, the diet needs to be significantlyReduce the amount of fast-digesting carbohydrates like sugar, jam, ice cream, sweets and other sweets. Carbohydrates of white bread, biscuits and cookies are also very quickly absorbed by the body. Using an excessive amount of such products, we unconditionally contribute to the growth of excess body weight.

Secondly, energy in the body shouldTo be supplied mainly due to the splitting of carbohydrates contained in such products as different types of cereals, peas, beans. These carbohydrate-containing foods will be able to provide your body with energy for almost the entire working day.

Thirdly, the carbohydrate model of a set of productsFood should prevail in the morning, that is, during meals for breakfast and lunch. In this case, almost all these components of nutrition will have time to be spent for energy production and can no longer cause excess body weight.

Fourth, do not apply extreme measuresLike the complete elimination of sugar and other sweet dishes from the diet. Glucose, which is formed in the digestive tract during the cleavage of many oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, is the most important substance of carbohydrate metabolism, without which it is hardly possible to maintain the basic physiological responses in the norm. It is perfectly permissible to eat one or two sweets, but it is better to do it at breakfast or, as a last resort, no later than noon.

Fifthly, it is desirable to diversify as much as possibleA set of products related to the carbohydrate model of the diet, by including fresh fruits and berries in the menu, many of which also contain carbohydrates useful for human (in particular, fructose and glucose) and various other biologically active substances.

As you can see, the requirements forThe formation of the carbohydrate model of our product set for the diet, is not so complicated. Following these recommendations, you can competently and rationally plan the distribution of calories contained in foods throughout the day. Such a scientifically based approach to planning the model of your diet will provide your body with sufficient energy, while preventing the development of excess body weight and keeping the harmony of your figure.

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