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Herpes - a modern look at treatment and prevention

The herpes virus is very easy to get infected. One kiss or tactile contact is enough. According to the doctors, most people become carriers of the herpes virus already in childhood. He settles in the body and waits for the human immunity to weaken. If a person has strong immunity, he may not even suspect about the existence of herpes. And in people weakened the virus manifests itself most often with colds.

The herpes virus can manifest itself in different ways. But most often - it is swelling on the lips. Within a few days on the lips develop small fluid-filled blisters. They can cause itching, chills, pain in the muscles. And in some cases, provoke a temperature increase. Soon the bubbles dry up, scabs appear, and a week or two later
Herpes does not even leave a trace. However, this does not mean that the problem was solved once and for all. Many people stop treatment without going through the full course. As a result, herpes adapts to the medicine and the next time it will be cured it will be harder.

Despite the disappearance of symptoms, the virusRemains in the body. He "settles" in the ganglia, patiently waiting for favorable conditions for a new attack. The signal to attack is the general weakness of the body. For example, caused by stress, menstruation or an approaching cold. But this may well occur in connection with the impact of the sun, or rapid weight loss. Even after comprehensive treatment, relapse occurs throughout the life of 40 percent of the population.

In addition to the lips, herpes can also appear on the genitalBodies. The culprit of the disease is a virus of a different type. Infection occurs during sexual intercourse with an infected partner. This type of virus is very easily transmitted. The incubation period lasts 7-10 days. And then it manifests itself with characteristic changes on the skin. Of course, partners prudently try to protect themselves with a condom from sexually transmitted diseases. However, against the genital herpes the condom, like other methods of contraception, is ineffective. The only sure way to prevent, so as not to get infected with this unpleasant disease - to avoid accidental sex.

Manifestations of herpes in the intimate area of ​​the body -Except that it causes itching and quite severe pain - as a rule, do not pose a danger. However, once infected, it is very difficult to get rid of it. In addition, this disease is very dangerous for pregnant women. During childbirth, the child often becomes infected with herpes, it can pose a threat to the very life of the newborn. So if you suffer from this unpleasant illness while pregnant, be sure to report this disease to your gynecologist. If the virus is activated, doctors can decide to perform a cesarean. Thanks to this, the child will not become infected with a serious infection.

Fortunately, medicine does not stand still. Due to the modern view of the treatment of herpes, the time of infection has decreased significantly. If the treatment is started on time, the manifestations of herpes disappear after a few days and pass without complications. At the moment, not only in our country, but all over the world, the most effective drugs are based on the substance acyclovir. It can be as various ointments for external use, and tablets. You can buy them in any pharmacy without a prescription. Always try to have the acyclovir ointment "at hand" and use it immediately, as soon as the first symptoms of the disease appear. In this case, the treatment will continue for a shorter time.

Ointments from cold sores can cause dry skin andCrackling lips. In this case, patients can lubricate the lips 3-4 times a day with lavender or tea tree oil - this accelerates healing. A gel or cream based on Aloe Vera relieves irritation, reduces pain and accelerates the drying of the vesicles. Be sure to follow the symptoms! Herpes can cause severe complications. Therefore, if you get uncomfortable, always consult a doctor. He can prescribe stronger medications for oral administration.

Rules of conduct for herpes:

  1. Try not to scratch the rash. Do not squeeze out any bubbles! In their fluid, the concentration of the virus is maximal, so the virus can spread to other parts of the skin. After each contact with the rash, wash your hands thoroughly. Otherwise, you can transfer the virus to other family members and acquaintances. With dirty hands, it can get into the eyes and eventually provoke viral conjunctivitis.
  2. Until the complete healing of sores on the lips, avoid salty and sour food, which irritates the skin.
  3. When genital herpes should be worn onlyCotton underwear. Through it well passes air, which promotes healing. Also, you should refrain from sex, so as not to infect another partner and not to hurt sores.
  4. Include soy, beans, or corn in the diet. These products contain lysine, which suppressesGrowth of the herpes virus. But you should avoid chocolate and nuts, especially almonds. In these products, a lot of arginine, which, in turn, activates the virus.

Scientists hope to defeat the herpes virusModern views on treatment and prevention. A lot of research is carried out around the world. The Americans managed to get an effective vaccine against the virus of genital herpes. While it is effective only for women who did not suffer from herpes. However, if the effectiveness of the vaccine is confirmed in further studies, then it will enter the market within 2-3 next years. Resveratrol is also being actively studied. This compound is contained in red wine. Scientists in practice have shown that resveratrol not only inhibits the growth of the rash, but also prevents the relapse of the disease. Now there are works on the application of this compound in medicines for herpes. They can be very effective. We will wait for them in pharmacies.

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