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Save the shape after the end of the diet

Mistaken opinion amateurs, because the bodyExhausted and hungry, begins to actively store stocks. He is frightened by the experience of the previous weeks of strict limitations and to the next, even if he does not plan on losing weight, he is preparing for a test, first of all, by famine. This stress and torture, especially mono - diets, so it is not so important to start the diet correctly and stick to it, how to get out of this rhythm and keep the figure after the end of the diet. The choice of diet depends on your preferences, but the harder it is and the shorter, the more likely it is to gain weight quickly and earn another pair of diseases. Therefore, the diet is simpler and more diverse, the easier it will be transferred by the body.
After all, if you exclude or moderate in your diet"Harmful" foods, white bread, meat with potatoes, sausages and "fast food", you can noticeably lose weight, and keep a diet with such a diet can be much longer. After all, everyone knows that the slower you lose weight, the more chances to keep the figure after the end of the diet in an ideal state for a long time. The diet implies not only a change in nutrition, but also sports, a faithful assistant in losing weight. Therefore, if you stayed on a diet and did not go in for sports, everything will return very quickly and the figure will regain its former forms in a short period, as the muscle tissue is flabby and the fat will again take its place between the bone and the skin. If you do not stop training, and at least 15 minutes a day you will regularly do sit-ups, slopes, swing the press, and 30 minute walks will become a habit, the volumes will not return. Initially, it will not take long, and then it will become a habit.
Therefore, if for you the end of the diet marksA holiday of the abdomen and no sport, you can lose weight so endlessly and without result. Otherwise, arm yourself with patience and adjust your body to the fact that now sport and balanced nutrition are your allies. When you finish your diet, do not skip everything, start with low-fat foods, without meat. For example, with a vegetable soup for lunch, buckwheat with cabbage salad - for dinner. Do not get carried away at once buns, replace with sweet fruits: dates, bananas, dried apricots. It will cheer up, but not so high in calories. Take the position of replacing products with analogs. Meat - fish, boiled chicken breast. Start eating bread - choose cereal or Borodino. Then remove the sugar - limit to one time the consumption of tea or coffee with sugar per day. Water - the source of life, every day 1,5 - 2 liters of clean water between meals (1 hour before meals and an hour after).

In the evening after six, it is difficult to eat, of course,But this is the most effective way to save the result of a diet. The basic rule is to love your body and understand that we are taking food for the health of our body, and if you eat porridge in the morning, think how useful is our soft stomach for a stomach, for lunch not a heavy vegetable soup with sour cream or a vegetarian borscht without meat with beans, in the evening A piece of fish, a boiled egg, vegetables, fruit and how much more useful it is to the body than sausage, fried potatoes with sausages, although, in general, potatoes, even fried, quite harmless, if you serve sauerkraut or pickles.

Over time, you will reconsider your diet completelyAnd will eat only useful products, bringing joy to the body, and he, in turn, will answer you with a magnificent condition of the skin of hands, nails, hair, lack of cellulite and treacherously sticking tummy and sides. After all, it's better to keep oneself in shape and not to injure the body with diets, than to tediously get rid of the results of your mistakes.

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