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Pregnancy and chronic inflammation of appendages

The main cause is infectionInternal organs of a woman through sexual contact. Chronic inflammation of the appendages causes infections (trichomoniasis, chlamydia, mycoplasmas): the most suitable medium for these microorganisms is the fallopian tubes. But chlamydia can catch not only during sexual intercourse. A mother who is sick with chlamydia, during infancy, can infect her daughter. Possible household way of infection with chlamydia: these microorganisms on cotton tissues live up to two days. The organism can not cope with this infection on its own, therefore, the right treatment prescribed by the doctor is necessary.

Subcooling causes the occurrence ofInflammation of the appendages: promotes an increase in the activity of conditionally pathogenic microbes in the body of each woman (E. coli, streptococcus and others). If the body is healthy, then it is able to fight with conditionally pathogenic microorganisms. When hypothermia, the ability to protect the body falls, the woman has inflammation of the appendages.

In addition to these reasons, provoking factors are stressors and overwork, infections of internal organs, consequences of abortions.

The main signs of the disease

There are usually no obvious symptoms of the disease, or they are weakAre expressed, therefore the woman does not worry. Inflammation of the ovaries and fallopian tubes is salpingoophoritis (otherwise adnexitis). Only one ovary or one tube inflames, and both ovaries and both tubes can become inflamed. With a long illness, which has passed into a chronic form, there are changes in the work of the appendages. With the start of inflammation, you may periodically appear in the lower abdomen, or in the area of ​​the lumbar pain, the menstrual cycle is broken, discharge, itching and an unpleasant odor appear.

Adnexitis can occur with a sharp riseTemperature, pain in the lower abdomen, bloating, inflammation of the peritoneum. Self-medication leads to a chronic form with severe consequences, up to a lethal outcome. Signs of adnexitis can be infertility.

Possible consequences of inflammation of the appendages

As a result of inflammation of the appendages,Problems at the conception stage of the child, with the carrying of the child and during childbirth. If a woman has not been treated in a timely manner, the inflammation of the appendages can go on into a chronic form, and with further complication, infertility may occur.

Complications of inflammation of the appendages can be the formation of adhesions. With the growth of adhesions, the structure of the fallopian tubes and ovaries changes. The proliferation of adhesions can lead to complete tube obstruction.

Sometimes inflammation of the appendages can lead to the onset of peritonitis, and the consequences of it can be severe: the peritoneum may inflame.

Another severe consequence of inflammatoryThe process can be an ectopic pregnancy: due to the obstruction of the tubes, or violations of the internal walls of the tubes, the fertilized egg does not enter the uterus, but the abdominal cavity remains, or in the fallopian tube, where there are no conditions for its development.

The ovaries serve to ripen the egg, whichOn the fallopian tubes enters the uterus. If the ovum is fertilized (fertilization occurs in the fallopian tube), then getting into the uterus, it should fix on its wall and begin to develop for nine months.

If there is no inflammation of the internal organs andThe microflora is correct, then the egg is fixed in the right place on the wall of the uterus and properly develops. In pregnancy and chronic inflammation of the appendages, there is a risk that the egg can not gain a foothold on the wall of the uterus (the woman does not become pregnant) or will not stay (miscarriage at any gestation period). But there is a risk and death of a woman during childbirth: if a fertilized egg is fixed below, the placenta will completely or partially cover the birth canal, and this is a high probability of the woman's death due to blood loss, which, as a rule, can not be stopped during childbirth.

When there are no inflammatory processes and not brokenMicroflora, a woman is able to conceive a child, give birth and bear his due time. Every woman should know that pregnancy and chronic inflammation of the appendages are poorly combined.

Prevention of disease

It is necessary to avoid infections in the body, especially chronic angina: the hormonal background changes, the immune system weakens (the process of self-cleaning of the vagina is disrupted), inflammation of the appendages occurs.

Personal hygiene is important. Daily change of underwear, twice a day hygienic shower. During menstruation, change the pads every two hours, hygienic shower four times a day, exclude the bath, shower, or pool. Without consulting a doctor, do not perform douching, so as not to disturb the protective microflora.

Lead a healthy lifestyle. Refuse from smoking and alcohol, to establish the right balanced diet. To include in the diet vegetables and fruits, to exclude everything sharp, to limit the sweet, salty, canned. Reasonable physical loads are shown, it is better if the complex of exercises of usual charging is recommended by a doctor.

Do not allow hypothermia. Always dress and dress for the season. Especially do not allow hypothermia of the legs and buttocks. Do not sit on damp earth, or stone. In summer, after bathing, you should immediately wipe dry with a towel and change into dry clothes.

The main thing is to constantly analyze the state of your body and be able to recognize the first signs, so that when you go to the doctor and get a full treatment.

Only a woman who has been right about her health from a young age can be pregnant and give birth to a healthy child.

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