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The influence of sports games on health

During training in the sports games sectionsVarious movements and actions are carried out. The resulting physical load helps strengthen the cardiovascular and nervous system, has a positive effect on the respiratory system and the musculoskeletal system, improves the metabolism in the body. The need to perform accurate and dexterous movements affects the development of the eye, the formation of accuracy and speed of movement, muscle strength. Thanks to all these positive effects, the influence of sports games on human health can not be overemphasized.

During the sports gamesTraining people develop skills to make quick independent decisions, improve the ability to modify their movements in speed, direction and intensity. Influence on human health is also expressed in the development of endurance, quickness and dexterity, maintenance of muscular muscle tone, the formation of increased resistance to colds due to the strengthening of immunity.

For women who first decided to visitClasses in sports games sections, the best types of sport are badminton, volleyball, tennis. The physical loads received during training in these sections are characterized by a relatively small intensity and complexity of the performed movements. Therefore, these sports games in their technical complexity are quite accessible to people who have never practiced sports before. Improvement of technical and tactical actions during training will help to increase the level of physical preparedness and will have a huge positive impact on human health. At a sufficiently high level of physical development for women it is quite possible to enroll in a section of basketball, handball or water floor. However, in order to attend training in basketball or handball had only a positive effect on health, it should be remembered that these sports games are characterized by a fairly high pace of the game, the need to perform a large number of speed-force movements and considerable physical exertion on all major organ systems Human body. Therefore, in order to avoid exacerbation of existing diseases and deterioration of health, it is advisable to consult a doctor before attending classes in sports games.

In recent years, in the mediaMore often you can find reports about sports tournaments among women's soccer teams or even hockey, and some sports clubs offer women to enroll in similar sections. However, such sports games are characterized by particularly sharp movements, strong and hard collisions of team members, require a huge strain of the body and great muscle strength. Therefore, for women whose professional career is not associated with high athletic achievements and for which a visit to the sports games section is of interest mainly because of a positive impact on health or because of the ability to form a slender figure, sports such as football or hockey are still Not quite suitable.

Thus, for the purposes of the necessaryPositive influence on the health of women, the choice of the section of sports games should be carried out taking into account the physical preparedness of the organism and the level of physical exertions that a person faces in this sport.

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