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The reason for the appearance of mastitis and the remedy for it

What is mastitis?

Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast, expressed whenBreast cancer. The likelihood that both breasts will simultaneously become inflamed is minimal. This dangerous disease is especially characteristic of breastfeeding. In the presence of the first symptoms, mastitis requires mandatory timely testing. It is necessary to take urgent measures in case there is inflammation of the breast. Even if it is a malignant tumor, it is important to begin treatment of mastitis in time, so that the process does not turn into an abscess. Purulent mastitis usually occurs after stopping breastfeeding because of mastitis or delayed treatment.

What causes mastitis?

As a rule, the infection can develop whenBlocked milk channels in the chest, from a small ulcer, bruise, eczema around the nipple. It is possible that the infection can enter through the mammary gland into the canal even without ulcers. The main cause of mastitis is stasis of breast milk or inadequate feeding. Weakening of immunity also plays a significant role in the appearance of the disease. Also, mastitis can be triggered by stress, fatigue, anemia, poor nutrition. Also, mastitis can occur as a result of wearing a too tight bra. Although rare, also suffer from mastitis in men. The reasons for this lie in the decrease in the function of the testicles and in diseases of the liver. Mastitis, which occurs during adolescence, usually appears due to hormonal disorders.
Signs of mastitis.

Mothers, the first time in their lives breast-feeding, are particularly at risk of mastitis. From the first days after birth, stagnant mastitis, Associated with insufficiency of breast milkOr inappropriate breastfeeding. If the symptoms are severe, a swelling occurs in the chest, pain at the touch, enlarged subcutaneous veins, intense reddening of the skin. It is likely that the so-called stagnant mastitis can develop into a cyst. This causes a rise in heat to 40 degrees at the end of lactation, chills, fatigue, dizziness. In the presence of mastitis, breastfeeding is especially unpleasant and painful, so medical help will be required.

How to cure mastitis?

In case of need it is necessary to make an ultrasound of the breast andAccurately identify the disease, to see the swelling and take appropriate measures. Recommended warm compresses, which alleviate pain. It is necessary to reduce the load on the chest. To do this, in the case of breastfeeding, it is necessary that all the breast milk the child drinks or the mother herself expresses it. In the breast milk should not remain. In the case of purulent mastitis, surgical intervention is required. One way to protect against this disease is to prepare for breastfeeding several weeks before delivery. After each breast-feeding, the nipples should be rinsed, so that the infection does not get inside through the cracks.
Not necessarily after the beginning of treatment to stopbreast-feeding. Even regular breastfeeding for two hours will be enough to prevent the development of purulent mastitis. Painful sensations in the presence of mastitis cause many women to stop breastfeeding. But it is regular breastfeeding that is useful for the effective treatment of mastitis. Remember that this disease does not lead to contamination of breast milk, as many women consider. So do not rush to go to the artificial feeding. Only in rare cases can milk contain pus or blood. But their presence will be warned by the attending physician. Knowing the reasons for the appearance of mastitis and the remedies for it can avoid this dangerous and extremely unpleasant disease.

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